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Contagious Companies, Inc provides training on Contagious Leadership and Contagious Communication. Find out more at contagiouscompanies.comWe’ve all been around those who talk too much and when it comes to leadership, one might argue that talking too much flirts with micro-management. If you’re talking constantly about directions, follow-ups, how-to-do somethings and making sure they do it… now… then you might be talking too much.

But, if you have forgotten to share your expectations for performance, professional conduct, general guidelines or touch base conversations, then you might be talking too little.

Hmmm… your communication with those you have the privilege of leading is contagious in at least two ways:

            • You are the model they follow to determine how to communicate with those THEY lead, including your customers
            • Your mood, tone, and type of communication will rub off on those with whom you’re sharing your message.

So, question number 1: Do you talk too much or too little?
And question number 2: Woudl you rather work with a boss who talks too much or too little?

What are your thoughts?

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Contagious Companies provides training on both Contagious Leadership and Contagious Communication. Are your leadership and communication skills where they need to be?

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