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Contagion Movie Review by the leader of Contagious Companies

Yes, diseases and germs can be contagious, but so is our mindset.

Okay, so as the head of a training firm named Contagious Companies, Inc, I simply felt obligated to see the movie Contagion this weekend. I had, as I always do when I see a movie, hoped for a happy ending and a great plot. Well, what I got instead was a series of actors I enjoy and a lackluster plot and lots of downer thoughts. Hmmm…. Really?

Why is it that a movie of this type would be released, full well knowing that it would elicit fear and likely a significant spike in sales of hand santizer and Lysol, if not ammunition? Maybe that was the point, but as I watched it I continued to look for the parallel of things we talk about being contagious that have nothing to do with a deadly disease.

The truth is fear is contagious. Worry is contagious. And negativity is contagious. For each of you who see this movie, in this, it’s opening weekend, also recognize that when worry, fear, and negativity spreads, it may not kill you instantly, but sure can have an strongly negative impact over time. The same is true for happiness, hope, and joy.

Avoid the trap of falling into old habits persisted by movies of this type and much of our environment and find something positive to spread. That may have been a much better ending to the Contagion movie plot line. What can we do to keep things that will harm us from spreading? What can we do to proactively raise the hopes, dreams, and powerfully positive (mind you, not pollyana pom-pom positive, but real optimism) mindset of each we come in contact with?

Who’s got good news? That, too, is contagious!


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