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Monica Wofford, CSP, teaches leaders to understand and improve their own leadership in using practice, skills, and desire as their three areas of focus.

Are your employees confident enough to provide the service your customers deserve?

Next time you go shopping, dining out, or strolling through your local home repair shop, think about the confidence level of the person you’ve asked for help in that store or restaurant. Then think about how much different your experience has been when the clerk or host or server you’re working with has a high degree of confidence. What does confidence have to do with your shopping experience? A LOT and here’s how it shows up: 

  1. Employees confident in their role will go the extra mile to help a customer get what they need and create raving loyal fans of your business
  2. Employees confident in what and where all the resources are available to them to meet your needs, know how to go above and beyond, where to get help, and feel empowered to help
  3. Employees with confidence in their manager know that when they reach out for help, they will get what they need and not feel silly for asking

But, employees who lack confidence will often avoid eye contact, ignore a customer who seems lost or in need of help, and will get defensive and involved with an angry customer instead of addressing the issue at hand. They hinder instead of help customer loyalty and your business may be suffering as a result.

Want to improve your customer’s experience, infuse each team member with a dose of Contagious Confidence™ and seek to help them feel better about the job you’ve asked them to do and the help they might need in order to provide an exceptional level of service.

Confidence is contagious and it shows up in the workplace with internal and external customers. What are the areas in your company that might benefit from a higher dose of Contagious Confidence™?

Want more information or need help?

Go to www.ContagiousCompanies.com and click on the Training or Store section. There you will find resources to boost the confidence of those you lead and perhaps even a tool for each employee to manage their own confidence level and make your job even easier. Maybe it’s time for a Contagious Confidence™ training class before 4th quarter kicks into high gear?

Stay Contagious!


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