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Have you heard some nasty labels floating around your office?

A boss can be put under some pretty significant pressure. They juggle a multitude of tasks and focal points and are the point person for every employee issue. The pressure can create stress and turn into things like “losing it”, “marrying your job”, and forgetting to have a life.

If you see a boss in your organization having a tough time managing it all, you want to take fast action. If you don’t, you may find that the B in boss doesn’t really stand for boss and that your office, if you have managers that report to you, may be the next stop for employees who’ve given the mid-level leader this nickname.

Your “fast action” might include:

  • Reminding team members that behaviors are able to be changed and that just because someone’s behavior under stress might make them appear difficult, it merely means that they handle stress differently than the beholder. Difficult truly is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Giving that boss an outlet for stress relief.
  • Lightening their workload temporarily.
  • Helping the leader to create a plan of action that reduces the feeling of overwhelm.

These tips and more will keep that B word from surfacing. The trick is once is surfaces, it’s awfully challenging to get rid of. Labels are kind of like leeches, they stick around. Eww..okay, so that was gross, but true.

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