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What are a few of your favorite things?

In honor of the much celebrated American holiday of Thanksgiving, I thought we might do something a bit different. This is a time of year when many reflect on where they’ve been, what they’ve done and where they’d like to go next year. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this still seems to occur with the oncoming “reset” of a new year.

Are you taking this time to reflect? Are you reveling in the gratitude of what you’ve accomplished or managed to get through or overcome? Perhaps now is the time to merely take an inventory of those things for which you are most grateful. What are a few of your favorite things that you’ve been a part of, connected to, created, or shared?

A few of my favorite things range from simple to breathtaking but all in all, they remain simple. Yes, there have been big accomplishments, a soon to be released new book, wonderful travel adventures and connections with audiences, customers, and friends. Yes, there have been moments of thought, even turmoil, and a few trials that have reminded me of the joy I experience when things are great, but it’s the simple things that sometimes keeps us grounded.

  • Are you grateful for the view of that rainbow (this is one was in my neighborhood a week ago!)?
  • Are you grateful for the hand drawn note from a child?
  • Are you grateful for the strength you exhibited in what could have been a tough work situation?
  • Are you grateful that something that was tough is now behind you?
  • Are you grateful for the loving support of family and friends?
  • Are you grateful for the warm affection of a loving pet? (this is one of my little guys Romeo, the horse)
  • Are you grateful for your creative skills? (this is a wreath I made of pinecones from around the world)
  • Are you grateful for your business savvy?
  • Are you grateful for that team you have the privilege of leading?
  • Are you grateful for…?

Even leaders need that moment of reflection, pause, and focus on that which they enjoy and are proud of, and are grateful for. Our lives are not all numbers, tasks, things to do, or the next business milestone. Sometimes it’s the simplest of small pleasures that keep us grounded and remind us of how lucky we are to wake up daily, have a chance to go at it again, and live the live we were meant to live.

Gratitude and the joy of simple pleasures is contagious and you know this time of year, the gratitude you share may just rub off on the person who needs to hear it most. What or whom are you grateful for and might add to your list of favorite things? Take a moment to think on those things now and even share pictures with us. We’d love to create a montage of favorite moments of yours!

Have a wonderful and bountiful holiday and end of year season and of course, stay contagious!


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