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Monica Wofford, CSP, teaches leaders to understand and improve their own leadership in using practice, skills, and desire as their three areas of focus.

Gratitude is an Attitude that is certainly contagious. Got Gratitude?

With family arriving, holiday bells chiming, and children timing the exact moment of gift opening time, it’s possible your stress levels are thriving, as well. Whether you’re still focused on work efforts this week or have taken time to enjoy the season, embrace the attitude of gratitude in ALL that surrounds you. Here are a few examples of what Contagious Leaders from around the globe tell us they are grateful for. What else would be on your list?

You may be grateful for the top performers on the team you lead.
You may be grateful for team members you’ve never met and talk to via email, but value nonetheless.
You may be grateful for your role as a leader, title or not, and the opportunity you have to influence others daily.

You may be grateful for the progress you’ve made in leading the voices in your head.
You may be grateful for the confidence that says you “CAN DO” whatever you want to do or make happen.
You may be grateful for the self-esteem that says you’re worth the effort.
You may be grateful for the fact that they still carry Haagen Dazs on days when you need a therapy tool because your confidence or self-esteem seems to have left the building.

You may be grateful for your loyal clients.
You may be grateful for the big sale that fell through that allowed you the time to create even more business.
You may be grateful for a tremendous year or the kind of year that reminds you of the power of perseverance.
You may even be grateful for the downtime that will energize you to jump right back in in January.

Whatever you’re grateful for during this wonderful and joy filled time of year, make a note of it. When the stress creeps in or you struggle to smile, go over those things for which you have gratitude and watch the powerful and contagious impact this will have on your attitude.

The effort could be used in conjunction with the Contagious Leaders Year End Close Process, but will also be followed by Step Three to be shared next week, for real. 😀

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Have a wonderful holiday season and all of us here at Contagious Companies are certainly grateful to you and your support!

Stay Contagious!


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