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Wofford says: “The more confidence a leader has, the better leader they are for others.”

I saw a book cover recently called “The Psychology of Mindset” and it reminded me that success often begins with self-talk. That thought then led to the need for self-evaluation and looking at one’s own Liked Best’s and Next Time’s as a leader, not only of others, but of the voices in one’s own head, if one is going to remain a successful leader.

Have you conducted your own LB/NT analysis on your gifts, skills, traits, talents and 2011 year? If not, what are you waiting for? Make a list of those things you Like(d) Best, not only about what happened this past year, but about you in general. I’d be willing to bet with a good look at the things you like about yourself or things you’ve done over the last 12 months, that list could get quite long.

Next compile a list of those things you’d like to do Next Time. This list could include the things you’d like to do, embody, put into effect, or even change, next week, the next ten minutes, or next year.

It’s important to note, neither list will change your life or your leadership unless you truly celebrate those things you like best and take action on the things you don’t. What these lists will do is give you a bit of perspective and self-evaluation. Contagious Leaders are always learning and evaluating what works and what doesn’t in their own behavior or mindset. As a result, they are consistently building their own Contagious Confidence™ about what they do. You could say that these leaders like themselves more and more because they’ve been working on what doesn’t work for them. What we also know is that when a leader likes themselves, they are much more likely to be tolerant of others, patient with the needs of others, and less susceptible to the difficulties from others.

Need a boost of your own Contagious Confidence™?
If you’ve not listened to Contagious Confidence the CD Set, this is a perfect time of year for you to pick up this resource. Go to the Contagious Company store and click CDs. There you will find Contagious Confidence™, the recorded live presentation that gives you the steps to manage the voices in your head, deal with difficult people, and stand up to almost any bully… including your own mirror! This humorous and engaging, while also informative tool also makes a great gift for those who want a boost at the holidays! Simply put: The more confidence a leader has, the better leader they are for others.

Stay Contagious!

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