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Monica Wofford, CSP, teaches leaders to understand and improve their own leadership in using practice, skills, and desire as their three areas of focus. Have you ever gotten frustrated with someone about a phone bill, credit card statement, or other inquiry for which you had to call customer service? Ever been that person that you know YOU’D call difficult if the roles were reversed? Well, if you were lucky the rep you spoke with acted polite and patient…because here’s the list of the top ten things they would have LIKED to have said to you…

  1. We REALLY do want to help… despite what you think.
  2. More INFO helps us help you more…really it does. We’re asking the questions for a reason.
  3. I can almost PROMISE you I can help you as much or more than my supervisor.
  4. Please tell me what you really want me to do… not where to go…what to do.
  5. Your feedback MATTERS. They listen to you more than to me.
  6. Call early and remember you aren’t the only call I have today. 85…86…87
  7. I really do hate it when there is NOTHING that I can do for you.
  8. It’s hard not to take it personally, when you’re aiming your comments right at ME.
  9. Stop blaming me… I didn’t CAUSE your problem, I want to fix it.
  10. I REALLY do know what I’m doing… even if you don’t like my answer.

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Struggling with Difficult People? This might help….

It’s one thing to know how to lead well and to manage yourself. It’s quite another to train all those you lead to do it for their teams. If you are struggling with conflict, team formation, and productivity in your office, there is a one day conference coming up in April that might be of interest to you or your team. It’s called How DO We Deal with Difficult People and will reveal many tips, skills, and insights that will change those who participate interact with others. Read more…


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