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What books do you buy for employees and what do you do to keep them from gathering dust?

When you read a book and love it, do you share it with those you lead? Not everyone loves to read. Not everyone will embrace the learning you share and not all employees will get what you want them to do with this book. When you buy books for the employee population, give them more than the book, give them the expectations you have on what they can do with that information and the tools to put the skills into practice.

Book Clubs

One of the best methods to get more from your team is to have them read the book and share what they’ve learned. Form a book club in your office and provide books for them to read, with the expectation that they will report out the information and show how they will apply what they’ve read.

Bring in the Author

A large purchase of books for your entire organization will likely gain you access to the author. If they are an author who also speaks, consider bringing the author in to autograph books in person and share the stories live that you have merely read about. Authors who created the material you’ve read in the book will add a personal touch to the wisdom in their books and make it more real for your team so that the application of the learning becomes more accessible and longer lasting.

Build Training Around the Book

It’s one thing to buy Who Moved My Cheese or The Fish Principles or Make Difficult People Disappear for each employee. It’s quite another to transform a book that holds a place on each cubicle shelf into a reference tool with actionable skills from which team members learn how to do something different or better. Build a training program that brings the book to life so that it doesn’t just gather dust, but does things like built trust and improve your results. You don’t just want stuffed fish flying around, you want motivation to get off the ground and give you a return on your learning investment.

Make Difficult People Disappear is a workplace fable about a manager who attends training that changes her leadership skills for the better. Both the books and the training described are available for your organization. For more information go to MakeDifficultPeopleDisappear.com or call 1-866-382-0121.
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