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Monica Wofford, CSP, is a leadership development expert and author of Contagious Leadership and newly released, Make Difficult People Disappear. Current National Speakers Association President Ron Culberson is a nationally recognized expert on the benefits of humor and laughter. In this Forbes article, Ron also shares how to combine fun with getting stuff done and why that is incredibly important.  

For the Entertainers reading this article, consider it proof that you can, in fact, be yourself and be productive. You can have fun and get it done. No more need to hide who you are behind an ever growing to-do list. No more need to use only colored folders and an office of chatchkees to feed your inner fun side. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, there might be an inner Entertainer in Ron that he brings out in full force in this article and his presentations. 🙂

But what does this article say about those who are the Commander (get it done) or Organizer (get it right) preference and Relaters (get along), who are also in the mix?

1.       It reaffirms that everyone CAN have fun at what they are doing, with the point being they all do it differently

2.       It validates the option to have fun AND still be able to get the job done

3.       And most importantly, it strongly suggests that frankly when you are doing something well, and having fun doing it, the outcome will be even more productive and fulfilling

What tips can you take from Ron’s process oriented instruction, guidance on how to stay focused, and suggestions for innovation for those job hunting, can you apply to your current work environment? I look forward to hearing more from you about this important note: You can get it done, do it well, and have FUN!

Stay Contagious!


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