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Contagious Leadership and newly released, Make Difficult People Disappear.

Why do the good leaders seem to keep getting better so easily?

Everything a leader does, says, and the way they behave is contagious! It rubs off on others so those who show even small regular improvements continue to get better results. Better results make these leaders better, but what got them there in the first place? Here’s why good leaders continue to get better.

They work on it

Chapter 2 of Contagious Leadership tells newly promoted leaders to develop their own character every day. The good leaders do this because they’re interested in knowing how to improve.

They have an interest

When you’re interested in improving yourself and you work on it, this also leads to an interest in helping the team improve. Interest is an internally driven feature that you either have or don’t, so when you’re interested, you’re driven to get better.

They push themselves

When everyone else leaves at 4 or 5, the leaders are often still there. When others take a long weekend, the leaders are still there. This does not mean that leaders never take a day off, it usually means these leaders enjoy getting things done and it drives them to push a bit more. Sometimes just that little extra effort or push will tip the scales to becoming even better faster.

They show resilience

Part of the reason good leaders are good is they learn from the times when what they did, didn’t turn out so good. They bounce back from the things that went wrong and try again, but different. They see failures as one of the ways it didn’t work and take the lesson and move forward.

What are the areas that you aren’t currently working on that you could or should? What do you have an interest in that would allow your leadership to shine and how can you go do that? In what area might you be able to push just a little bit more to get amazing results and what do you need to let go of or learn from that you messed up and might need to try again.. but different?

If you’re a leader or a manger who’s been promoted, but not prepared, these attributes will propel you to get better and feel more prepared….not to mention successful in your leadership of you and others.

Have a great Monday, an even better week and of course, stay contagious!

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