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Monica Wofford, CSP, is a leadership development expert and author of Contagious Leadership and newly released, Make Difficult People Disappear.

Want a solution for dealing with difficult people? That solution has arrived!

While it may not be the racy read that is topping all the charts, Make Difficult People Disappear does give you the map, clues, and guidance to deal with your favorite person who seems to have 50 shades of frustrating behavior that they repeatedly share with you. Whether its people who whine, never follow through, give you their negative attitude, work slowly, spread gossip, never understand you, have emotional outbursts at the office, or never seem to understand what you say, they’re all covered here. In fact, if you’ve not read of the story of Cybil and her success in making difficult people disappear, here are three very compelling reasons you want to pick it up as the perfect holiday read.

You can use it NOW

This is not one of those books that takes forever to read. It’s a story and you’ll buzz right through it able to apply what you read immediately. Chapter one shows you how to motivate those you lead. Chapter two guides you through HOW to change your expectations of others and reduce disappointment in their performance. Right away you get information you can use now!

It makes things simple

Whereas 7 Habits wades you through theory and research, with Make Difficult People Disappear, the twenty years of research have been done for you behind the scenes and this book just gives you the meat. It’s broken down into simple steps and each accompanying video (one per chapter) gives further explanation and guidance to make your implementation even easier. You’ll think you literally have a magic wand!

It answers the long term, “Now What?” questions

If you have a person you work with who you’d like to call Fifty Shades, not because of their complexity or deep rooted issues, but because it seems that‘s how many ways they have of driving you nuts, Make Difficult People Disappear will reduce that number by at least half. This will give you your energy back to devote time to less stress management or drama control and put it long term on the things most important to you.

It’s simple really, to Make Difficult People Disappear. Some have called this book life changing! Others have compared it to the magnitude of Think and Grow Rich! Don’t miss out on what could be the key to resolving your difficulties. If you truly want a solution and not just something to continue complaining about, this book and the information in it, is the solution you’ve been seeking.

I’m Monica Wofford, and that’s your Monday Moment. Have a great Monday, an even better week and of course, stay contagious!

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