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Mark your calendar for Boss’s Day on October 16th!

It’s nearly here! Bosses day is October 16th and while you usually have only one boss, they’re responsible for developing all of you and your management colleagues. If you appreciate the job they do, perhaps it’s time to take a day to celebrate all your boss does for you. Here are a few ways, big and small, to just say thanks… even if it’s simply for continuing to pay you for the job.

Modern Technology

When much of our modern communication is on Facebook feeds, Tweets, Texts, Emails and IMs, consider just sending a quick note electronically to pay respect to the day and your boss in a special way. Not all bosses know there’s a day in their honor so your note may be the first one they get to commemorate the occasion.

Say it Small

Depending on your boss’s recognition style, a small note or card may be most appropriate, particularly if they are more private in nature and not in need of a big “to do”.

Go Big

If your boss is more public and tangible in how they like to be recognized, make a fuss. Bring in food and balloons, have everyone sign cards, show up with lunch or treat the boss to a lunch…maybe even without turning in the expense receipt, giving it that personal touch in honor of the personal sacrifices they have made to help you get where you are.

Get Grand

Maybe you want your boss to remember this day or your gratitude for months to come. Consider a commemorative engraved plaque or pen or frame as a way of being a bit more grandiose in your show of appreciation for their efforts.

Being a boss can be incredibly rewarding. It also can have days where the extra mile becomes a marathon and the honest answer to “gotta sec” can sound like “No, I’m already missing a bunch!” So, on this upcoming special day, celebrate your boss, not just because it’s on the calendar, and not because you want to earn points, but because no matter if you always agree or are pleased with how they behave, but because in some way you wish to say thank you for what they do and say.

I’m Monica Wofford, and that’s your Monday Moment. Have a great Monday, an even better week and of course, stay contagious!

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