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As most of our corporate training clients tell me, there’s almost always that one person on the team that just rubs them the wrong way or, even more so, is that textbook definition of the difficult person they feel forced to lead. Having one difficult team member is not a problem… complaining about them and doing nothing about it… well… that’s a problem.

Now is a great time to reevaluate what to do with this person. At the end of the year when we’re all wrapping up the projects and loose ends that remain so that we can truly start fresh in 2013, take the time to DO one of the following with that person:

  • Assess WHAT they are doing exactly that bugs you
  • Assess your OPTIONS. Can you move them? Can you develop them? Are they in the wrong job?
  • Find your RESOURCES. Can you give them training? Do they need a coach?
  • Take ACTION

Complaining about a problem does nothing more than continually keep your focus… on the problem. So, if you’re complaining then there’s a problem, but why make the problem bigger by doing nothing about it? What training does that person need in order to perform their job in a way that causes you to complain less? Do they need some self awareness? Maybe a profile assessment is the answer. Does the entire team need an energizing refresh or reunification? Maybe a team training course is the answer.

The truth is, it’s your role to lead through this problem, not lead others and yourself to keep looking at it. What are you willing to do to make that difficult behavior disappear? (that’s a book title, by the way… oh, and totally doable! :))

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