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When you share a name with someone it can get confusing for those who aren’t sure who’s who. And in the age of social media and the ability to look up long lost namesakes or friends in moments, you can easily find those who seem to have your name, too. In fact, there are more then one Monica Wofford, believe it or not! We have many giggles when folks tag us in their respective posts or photos, but it also brings up another interesting question. What do you do in this web marketing, always connected world, when it seems there are two of you? How do you keep your own unique identity and keep the confusion to a minimum.

Well, there’s always the option of changing your name…
Children who are named in their father’s name sake followed by JR or the third, are famous for doing this. The other Monica and I opted not to change our names and in fact, her Facebook name is MonicaWofford and mine is MonicaWofford1. Fortunately she looks different, but in a twist of irony, we’re both from Texas. She’s in real estate and so is my father. Her name was given by marriage, mine by my parents. We like our name, so changing it wasn’t an option.

Then there’s marketing 101…
The marketing gurus Ries and Trout will tell you that to be good in marketing you either have to be first to market, the best in your market, or stand out in some unique way. Well, I’m not sure who is older, or who came first, but we both have first rights to our name I’m thinking. She’s likely the best real estate agent in Texas and Oklahoma and I’m going to be bold and say I’m the best Monica Wofford speaker that ever has been. Ha! Being the best you is part of the plan when it comes to standing out. Even if you share  a name, there’s still only one real you!

Just a Friday afternoon pontification that gave me a giggle, but also made me think. I hope it gave you the same. 🙂 Happy Friday!

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