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Contagious Companies, Inc. is a training and consulting firm that develops managers who were promoted, but perhaps not prepared.

What will you do to get employees what they need and bring them up to speed?

Hooray! The New Year is here and while all are focused on a fresh start and renewed beginnings in their personal life, take this opportunity to help them focus on improvement professionally. January is Employee Training and Development Month where the focus is on employees and leaders getting better skills, better habits, and well…just even better than they were before!

For the next thirty days, every weight loss organization will spend millions in marketing to what they know their audiences are thinking. The quit smoking clinics will have queues out the door and the gyms will be filled to capacity. With so many geared up for change and open to the idea of doing something about whatever they’ve wanted to change, employers will be well served by making the most of this mindset by offering training programs to build better skills.

These skills may include leadership (personal or professional), communication, conflict management, confidence, team work, emotional intelligence or many others. During the month of Janaury, nearly any topic you introduce will be met with a much more open mind and receptivity to trying it out. This practice will garner your organization an improved skill set and potential results improvement in the first quarter.

Got a small budget? Consider webinars or books and audio tools as your initial training tools of choice.

Not sure of your need? Talk with a training firm about your desired end result and consider their recommendation for your training needs or request a customized solution provided by a trainer with expertise and knowledge of your industry.

Have a larger team, challenge, and available funding? Consider a consultative approach with a mix of live training classes, reinforcing resources, personality assessments and benchmarking or team evaluations.

Nearly any training you do in the month of January will be met with a mindset of potential and renewed interest. Keep in mind, depending on your industry, it’s likely employees haven’t had any training or time to think about training since late October. Now is the time to act quickly and not only get them what they need, but bring their skills up to speed.

This month we’ll focus on the steps to implement training, what to avoid, pitfalls to look out for, and even how you can measure the impact of your training dolllar. Keep an eye out for valuable guidance and take the lead on what your employees need.

Contagious Companies, Inc. is a training and consulting firm focused on helping you develop those managers who may have been promoted, but not prepared. We’re here to help you and develop them. For more information, complimentary consultations, and guidance on your training and development needs, give us a call at 1-866-382-0121.

Happy Employee Training and Development Month and of course, stay contagious!

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