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TakeYourProfileHaving utilized the CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile since 2005 and worked closely with it’s creators, we’ve learned that 54% of the population doesn’t know themselves well enough to accurately self-report on a profile tool. What this means is that just over half of the people you know, work with, love dearly, and hang out around are not sure of the following:

  • who they really are
  • where they get their energy from
  • why they do what they do when under stress or by automatic habit
  • how to make changes to the behaviors they aren’t so happy with or wish to finally change

These issues can show up in that knot in the stomach that bugs you and you don’t know why. Or maybe it comes across as an instinct or causes you to wonder “what am I doing?” or “what do I want to be when I grow up?” We hear those questions a good bit and when we review a person’s CORE profile, we also get accused of either being psychic or having installed cameras in one’s office or having followed them around for months. People like to know who they are and repeatedly we here that the CORE profile does just that when coupled with the 90 minute facilitation of thier results.

It’s not to say that people intentionally walk around oblivious. It’s often more about conditioning and habits they’ve developed that served them well at one point and may no longer be necessary, but continue to hang on and be carried out with little conscious awareness. We all have those habits and the simple exercise of bringing them to a state of conscious awareness helps you make changes you had not, until that awareness, been able to identify, work through, or make much progress in. Here is where the CORE profile is different. It provides that awareness when we talk through your results.

Some profiles provide you with a lenghy report of what you do or see. Still others provide you a report and a conversation that does little more than tell you what your weak in or doing wrong. This tool is, in fact, different. There is nothing negative in the CORE profile. It’s all about you. We talk about how you see yourself, how you actually behave, and then how you operate on an average day with increasing amounts of stress.  We talk about what you do and even look at some of the why. We talk about blind spots and how you come across to those around you. And, we talk about what you can do about it, if you choose. What we don’t do, is just hand you the report. 🙂

If you are tired of trying to change and not seeing the results you want, the instructions for the profile are below. If you’re frustrated with the attempts you’ve made and want someone to walk you through step by step, how to do it differently, coaching programs and exceptional Contagious Coaches and guides can be found here. And, most importantly, if you’d like to figure out who you really are, where to get more energy and how to finally answer that question of “what DO I want to be when I grow up”, follow the insructions below and let’s set up your facilitation. It’s not free and does take 90 minutes, but as the credit card commercial says, we hear time and time again, that the results are… well.. priceless.

Here’s how you get started on your completion of the CORE profile and it’s incredible value to you and your well being, your leadership skills, your communication efforts, and the way you feel about where you’re going:

  1. Go to www.ContagiousCompanies.com
  2. Hover over Coaching in the blue navigational bar
  3. Choose the drop down option of CORE Profile
  4. Click the graphic on the right that says “Not sure What You Do and Why?”
  5. Enter the information requested and answer all the questions

Or, just click here and get started now! 🙂

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Happy growing and of course, stay contagious!


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