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cancel buttonYou’ve worked with people who complain, right? In fact, you’ve worked with folks who would complain because it’s too sunny outside or their ice cream was too cold! Ha! But, when they complain, if you listen to it, take it in, and then start complaining about the fact that they’re complaining, you’re giving them an awful lot of power. Stop that. Protect your day and your mindset even when you work with difficult people. Here’s the cure to keep the complaining from draining YOU: 


Yep, that’s it. Just “CANCEL”. “DELETE” works, too, but here’s the key. You have to say it in your head. Don’t look at the difficult person and say “CANCEL” to their face. (though it might be fun to try, just once) People have gotten in big trouble for less. 🙂 Simply say “CANCEL” in your head.

Why does it work?

Science tells us that your brain is an exceptional order taker and if you want to stop the processing of negative information cycling over and over in your mind and then becoming a sub conscious habit, you want to instruct the brain to discontinue the process. Hence, “CANCEL”.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make us giggle and work, even in what we would like to think are far more complex situations. You want to feel better around the whiners and complainers at the office? Stop letting what they say and think and do, affect you. “CANCEL”. (IN YOUR HEAD! Hehe!)


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