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Leaders get into a position of leadership often because of their results or performance. But, you and I both know that producing your own results and training others to do the same, takes an entirely different set of skills. What do you do when performance, theirs and yours, is a priority, but just not their priority? Here are three solutions:

Focus less on “just a jobs”

Because we train people how to treat us, the more you focus on those who are not really invested, engaged, or frankly interested, the more you train them that the way to get your attention is to keep doing what they’re doing… or not doing. Instead, spend most of your energy, praise, focus, and attention on those doing the job in a way that produces or exceeds the results you desire. The message you send then is that to get your attention, one must do their job well.

Ask Why and What

If your priorities have become noticeably different than those you lead, ask them why. If they continue to do something different than what you ask, inquire about what it would take to do the job or produce your desired results. The answers may or may not surprise you, but without asking the question and building enough rapport so that they tell you the truth, you’re likely making assumptions that are not only inaccurate, but not helpful to you in leading them better.

Change your Focus

Now this one sounds like a cop out, but hear me out. I’m not encouraging you to lower your standards or expectations or make performance a lesser priority…unless, the person that you keep insisting perform at a higher level than what they’re giving you, simply can’t do the job.  There are still individuals who may have been hired because they could fog a mirror or demonstrate a pulse. Part of it’s not their fault if they were not properly vetted upon hiring and are in the wrong job. Maybe they are in a role in which they don’t want to rise to the occasion. Instead of beating your head against the wall, change your focus and interpretation of the problem. Maybe there is a job change needed, a lateral position more well suited, or a person with whom they can partner to achieve the result.

We as leaders do the best we can every day and sometimes the problems we complain about the most have the simplest of solutions that are right in front of us. The trick is actually seeing what’s right in front of us an though that sounds easy, it’s often just something we’re too close to, to see. When we consult with your organization, it’s that set of fresh eyes and a bit of distance from the actual problem that helps us to pinpoint where your plan is failing. Need that fresh set of eyes and the expertise to provide you with a workable solution to fix the problem? Go to www.ContagiousCompanies.com and explore our training, coaching and consulting services. We know you’re working hard. Maybe it’s time to delegate to a partner in crime and get the help you deserve.

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