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It’s one thing to bring in a training class to help your leaders communicate better, but how do you know it will produce results? Do you really want to just bring in a training class to be able to check it off the list? Well, maybe, but it would be nice if you got a return on your investment and the results of better, smooth flowing, less conflict riddled communication and here are three reasons why.

Results oriented training is different than just a training class.

Results oriented training
is different than just a training class.

It Could Get Worse

Without clear expectations for results from a communication training program or any training program, for that matter, you might actually make things worse. One hit wonder training programs have some value. Their value increases exponentially when you and your trainer or consultant have clarity about what are the expected results. Without these expectations for results oriented training being made clear, the trainer might miss the mark or worse, the trainer might provide just enough information for the participants to be dangerous and make undue assumptions about why their communication is going awry.

It Could Create Confusion

If the team that participates in the training class is not clear on the results you expect or that you have any expectation for results at all, then confusion may reign supreme. They may not know what to do with the skills and knowledge they get from the class or how and when to apply them to each other and their interactions. The reality is that in the face of confusion, people freeze and when communication slows down or freezes to a halt, productivity goes with it.

It Could Change the Entire Face of Your Organization

A results oriented communication class could rid your company or department or team of conflict, stress, and strife. It could create an entire united front and help them all to work better together. It could elevate their resilience, their confidence, and their ability to see a mere tone or poor choice of words for what it is, rather than a personal attack. A simple course in results oriented communication training that focuses on the challenges you have and the results you seek, together could be the contagious cure for the epidemic of miscommunication, confusion, bottlenecks in the workplace and slow-downs in revenue producing activities.

Fourth quarter is nearly upon us and that means new fiscal years and a new influx of customers and activities for most industries. If communication is not at peak performance now, it has a high potential of simply getting worse when the busier times arrive. If you’re looking for a real results oriented communication training course, read up on our course description and download the brochure. Contagious Communication may be just what the doctor ordered.

I’m Monica Wofford and of course stay contagious!

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