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Following a thread on LinkedIn today, I saw an answer “Why Do We Have So Many Bad Leaders” on Leadership Think Tank worthy of emphasis. The answers range widely, but these two questions were suggested by one contributor as critical to a bad boss understanding why he or she has managers worthy of complaint.

“1. How much of your corporate budget is set aside for Leadership (NOT Management) Training?
As has been said in previous comments, people are not born as leaders, they are developed.

2. How much of that Leadership Training budget is directed at skills development? In my opinion, if you spend a lot of money to sit and listen to the best leaders in the world talk about leadership, there is little likelihood that any significant behavior change will take place in your workplace. Skills take time and effort to develop and require an ACTIVE approach.”

Such is the case in most organizations. It is easier to complain about poorly developed, promoted, but not prepared managers than it is to find a solution. But, how much does that complaining fix the issue? If this is your issue, rest assured, we make it easy, but you have to make the call.

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