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The Monday Moment series began SIX years ago. Can you believe it? That means that every Monday, leaders worldwide have heard me share the Monday Moment. We’ve had more than 49000 downloads on iTunes and yet the Monday Moment has never actually BEEN a single moment, but always longer to pack in more value. The times… they are a changin’!

Join us now for the ONE MINUTE Monday Moment (sign up now at www.MondayMoment.com). This free leadership audio podcast and blog post will now become ONE moment in length and include a ONE PAGE document to continue your learning. There are times when we may add more pages to your helpful companion eBook because well, sometimes you need more info, but the audio has now been reduced to one minute and soon, we’ll introduce video, too! 🙂

I look forward to sharing more leadership tips soon and to helping you become an even better leader!

Monica Wofford, CSP
CEO | Contagious Companies, Inc.


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