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Or could you? Communication has taken a higher value in leadership. But, as George Bernard Shaw has been quoted to say: “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it’s actually taken place.” Are you communicating in a way your boss understands and if not, are you equipped (and willing) to help them get it? First, let’s get you equipped and then let’s talk about…

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Ever said “Help Me Understand” and felt no one was willing? Are you?

your attitude.

Could you help them understand?

Of course you could. Your boss may or may not be the same personality as you and herein lies the difficulty in doing so. Your personality may be motivated by results and getting it done. Their personality may be motivated by the right way to go about the project or getting that result. As such, you speak from different angles, use different key words, and are looking for differing information to satisfy your communication needs. To get better equipped to understand their needs and modify your language and words and message accordingly, do the following:

  • Study Emotional Intelligence and its impact on communication (just Google it!)
  • Complete a self-assessment (I recommend the CORE Snapshot or its big brother the CORE Profile. The free Snapshot can be found here)
  • Practice seeing and saying things from their point of view (yep, that’s a bit more tough!)

Will you help them understand?

Let’s talk attitude, namely yours. Now, if you just gave me the proverbial head movement that says “My attitude? What about their attitude?”, then slow your roll. This is about communication. But, wrapped up in communication for leaders are a myriad of things like history, resentment, authority, power, promotion potential, risk, reward, authenticity, and conditioning. The real question is that while you can google yourself silly with insights on how to communicate, attend one of our training classes to practice the skills, your willingness to learn and do different is THE SINGLE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTING FACTOR to improving communication with your boss. So, what’ll it be?

In leadership training courses, we teach ten steps to become a better leader. We call it Contagious Leadership because everything we do, see, say, think, believe, and how we behave rubs off on other people. And wrapped in and amid the act of seeing, saying, thinking, believing and behaving is communication. If there is a problem with how others understand you, your leadership is in trouble. If there is a problem with how your boss understands you, your career may be in trouble. To prevent both and become a better leader, make sure you’re working on both.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment. Have a great week, an even better Monday, and of course, stay contagious!

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