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Wouldn’t it be so nice, and oh so convenient, if learning how to lead better were something you could put on your list and check off when finished? Many new skills, and learning how to master them, would be nice if they worked in that manner, yet part of becoming a better leader and learning how to lead more effectively is in the very management of the ups, downs, transitions, and unexpected elements of the journey. Learning is rarely finished, or all wrapped up, so to speak. Information, people, delivery methods, styles, and vehicles, not to mention the message needing to be delivered, is always changing and so is the Monday Moment. As we wind down the year and wrap up the use of audio only in our Monday Moment podcasts and blog posts, you will see a transition. Beginning on January 6th, our Monday Moment will transition to a video podcast where you’ll actually see me deliver the message. Ever had a Skype call? Ever Face Timed with the kids? This will be similar and walk us into the land of video podcasting. You can still just listen, but now you’ll have a bonus. We’re wrapping up one step or one era and transitioning into the next. So, today’s Monday Moment is both a farewell to one form of delivery and a welcome to another. But, what can we learn from this process as we all wrap up one year and transition to the next? In fact, how do you wrap up your leadership in one area to move to the next? Well, with these three steps as a foundation to your success.

Celebrate the Wins

The team you lead now, will lead in the future, or simply have had the privilege of working with, has worked hard to accomplish tasks, actions, and initiatives that may have long ago been forgotten. January of 2019 seems like eons ago, but it wasn’t. Go back. Sort through. Look at emails, files, and reminisce. Then celebrate with the team in ways that bring meaning to all that you have done and achieved together. The celebrations could be small, merely a high five moment in the break room, or a lengthy dinner in which everyone shares an accomplishment. In whatever format you take note of what was won and done, your appreciation will tend to be contagious and your acknowledgement of the successes, no matter how small, will add points in the positive column to your efforts in leadership.

Note the Changes

Being able to wrap up one season to move on to the next is made much more effective when you take note of what will need to stop, start, or continue. What actions need shifting? What processes need to be broken or started over? What behaviors need to come with you or be left behind as you move into 2020? Make a list and note those changes. Once complete, lead discussions of them one on one or as a group. Take advantage of the mindset already present in most, that January 1 provides a fresh start and renewed motivation. Avoid the inadvertent error of carrying last years’ baggage into this new one by ignoring this valuable conversation.

Champion Your New Direction

Champions are fighters. They are also leaders. Your championing efforts may be disguised as unwavering contagious enthusiasm, dogged determination, consistent focus, or merely mindful redirection of the efforts of those team members you have the privilege of leading, but once you’re clear on what you’ve done, what needs to get done or put in place in the future, start those efforts. Share clearly where you’re going, and with whom, in the coming three, six, or twelve months. Discuss the challenges. Brainstorm likely surprises. Delegate out actions that you know will make the most of your team member’s talents and skills and well, then take a quick break, come back after the holiday and GET STARTED!

While we wrap up 2019 and this format of the Monday Moment, may the joy of the season surround you. May your time with family, friends, and those you love, be filled with hope, joy, peace, and yes, leadership. Merry Christmas from Contagious Companies and all of our team and incredibly contagious wishes for your new year to the best year ever!

The Monday Moment will return in video format, with transcription, on January 6th.

Monica Wofford, CSP develops leaders. CEO of Contagious Companies, her firm designs and delivers leadership training for those managers who’ve been promoted, but not prepared. Author of Contagious Leadership and Make Difficult People Disappear, Monica may be reached at www.ContagiousCompanies.com, www.MonicaWofford.com or by calling 1-866-382-0121.

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