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Good morning and Happy Monday!
I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

It’s time to uncover their expectations AND determine what yours are, as well.
What you expect of those you lead, while it can make an easy situation more complicated, matters. The key is to line up your expectations with the people from whom you’re expecting performance.

Monday Moments by Monica Wofford. Episode 528: Uncover Expectations

If the laid back person isn’t super driven, is it bad or is it really about your misaligned expectations?

Ready for the video?

In your leadership this week, do this:

  • Come up with your top three expectations of the group known as the team you lead. All of them as if they’re one entity.
  • Then decide if these expectations you have are already not going to be met by any one of those you lead, apart from being considered a part of the larger team.

If your answer is yes, your actions are to change your expectations, change the people in the positions. or be a consistently frustrated leader mired in coaching and discipline.

Any option is effective but not all options are always an option. Best practice is to calibrate your expectations with those currently in the positions. Do yours need adjusting?

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.
See you next week for more talk on Leadership.

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