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Good morning and Happy Monday to all leaders who like control! LOL

I’m Monica Wofford and this is your first Monday Moment of the New Year.

(If you prefer to watch ONLY the video, watch your Monday Moment video, here.)

We snuck in a mention of control in a recent Monday Moment, back when we spoke about delegation. And the real question on both the issue of control and delegation is what DO you control actually?

Yes, we KNOW the freakin’ answer. We just don’t like it.

Monday Moment: What Does a Leader Control? https://www.MondayMoment.com

In this graphic, if you nail all 8 of these 13 Signs Of A Control Freak, you might want to rethink the approach you take to needing to be in control of all things within your leadership.

Especially if you ARE indeed a card-carrying member of control freaks anonymous.

In leadership, what will cause you to feel out of control is saying yes to too much in too small a time period.

Also, in leadership, what will cause you to feel a need FOR control is stress from when things don’t move fast enough, aren’t done or done right the first time, or have to be repeated.

If those are the problems, then leaning on our control tendencies won’t fix ‘em. What likely got us there was the desire to control who did what and when, which is why you said yes to too many things in the beginning. Hmmm… there’s an idea to ponder.

Control isn’t bad by itself.
But, having little to no control over how much you create your own challenges? Well, yes, that’s a little bit of an issue.

  • What are you trying to control that you know you can’t …or shouldn’t?
  • What expectations about the performance of those to whom you delegate, could you shift, drop, or reduce?
  • And what should have gotten a no, that instead got a fast, well-intended, yes?

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.
See you next week for more talk on Leadership.

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