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Good morning and Happy Monday!
I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

You’ve heard it said that relationships (and leadership!) happen at the speed of trust. You may also have heard of a Circle of Trust. You also know that trust is not often acquired, earned, nor developed overnight or in an instant. So, how do you as a leader build and communicate trust?

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Leadership needs trust and trust is not often acquired, earned, nor developed in an instant and this Monday Moment with Monica shows how leaders can build it over time.

If trust doesn’t happen overnight, how do you build it over time? What’s YOUR first action item?

It’s not usually accomplished by broadcasting how much you can be trusted. In fact, saying “trust me” or “let me be honest with you” is a red flag for other active listeners to now question what you were doing before you made the announcement.

To show you can be trusted:

  • Care about the needs of others.
    • Show you care by doing some or all of the behaviors that will most powerfully develop a reputation for you that you can be trusted.
  • Be consistent in your word and actions.
  • Keep your commitments – from drinks out to arriving early to set up a meeting.
  • Be the one who does what you say you will do, or immediately notifies the right people if something changes.
  • Practice and repeat, as your trustworthy nature IS something you can put on auto-pilot.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.
See you next week for more talk on Leadership.

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