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Good morning and Happy Monday!

I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

Time management options, courses, tools, and discussions have been around for ages. In fact, long ago, I used to teach the class that helped you set up your elaborate planner by Franklin Covey. Yet, it seems that in many of those types of trainings, the same things started to be said over and over, very little of which actually helped me get more done in less time or figure out what the MOST important thing TO DO was, in a moment of overwhelm when I was too stressed to do anything other than file that useless stack of papers in the corner. Heck, at least then I would have gotten SOMETHING accomplished!

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Is it really managing time or IS it managing priorities, focus, attention, and tasks? This tournament tool really helps you to become a better leader!

Even more so and as an important side note, over the years the time management topic has reminded me time and time again, if you will, that rarely is the issue the way in which you do or don’t manage your time, but rather how you manage your focus, your priorities, your choices, and your actions.

Without realizing just how long I would be positively impacted by his ingenious use of the bracket system, I’m sure, and how much it would help in terms of getting your priorities in order, Mr. Kevin McCarthy introduced to me something different. In his book the On-Purpose Business he shares the concept of a tournament. Think of maybe March Madness or a Sweet Sixteen sports tournament bracket system and use it for your items. List your tasks, any multiple of 8, in the left most column. For column two, write only the “winner” of a two-by-two comparison. Between item 1 and 2, which one wins? If the first column has 8 items, column 2 would have 4, column 3 – 2, and the last column would contain what is the VERY NEXT thing you’re going to DO, or the tournament winner.

Portable, easy, quick, and effective. I love it and so, does my list. (as well as my sense of accomplishment!)

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.
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