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Good morning and Happy Monday!
I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment.

The question posed today is Procrastination: What’s personality got to do with it? Admittedly, it’s a longer one that normal and we DID put it off just a tad, if we’re bein’ honest.

And well, the answer is a lot in actuality. However, different personalities will do all kinds of things, procrastination included, for VERY different reasons. (A truth true for any number of behaviors for which we believe the motives are the same when they just aren’t.)

Did you know, what many call Type A or what we call Commander in the CORE Map assessment we use within Contagious Companies, procrastinate? And not just a little, but a LOT.

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Procrastination and action are different choices and yet those very same leaders we call “natural born” are often guilty of it. But why, exactly?

In fact, they’ll push things to the last minute just to see if they can beat their prior speed record for completion. They’ll procrastinate leaving for a meeting because they see waiting as inefficient and they want action to begin upon their arrival.

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Whereas those who are more linear or methodical, introverted and often considered analytical, or what we describe with the word Organizer, might appear to procrastinate when they don’t meet a deadline because they don’t have the accurate data. For them it is a matter of ensuring the information is correct but isn’t perception powerful? A get it done personality sees that as slow, and a get it right personality sees the fast ones as reckless or irresponsible.

Hmmmmm, personality has a LOT to do with it… procrastination yes, but also leading, communicating, conflict, building trust, motivation, rapport, relationships, assumptions, influence, expectations… and well, while I know you get the idea… this whole EQ topic is HUGE and I think we might just focus here for a bit.

I’m Monica Wofford and that’s your Monday Moment.
See you next week for more talk on Leadership.

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