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Meet Our Coaches and Trainers

Leadership is not one size fits all or one style fits every person and learning how to embody that is not always easy…

A good coach will help you become the leader YOU want to be and one those you plan to lead, NEED. Because let’s face it, being naturally born into leadership is like saying someone was naturally born into parenting and because you are one you know how to do it. Neither come with a manual. Besides, how one leads and how good you are at it really depends on who you’re leading. (and who YOU are to start with!)

Our Coaches And Trainers


CEO | Business Owner | EQ Expert

In today’s business environment, to succeed in leading and building a results-oriented team, coaching is key and for more than ten years, Monica has served in a leadership coaching capacity. Former corporate executive, successful business owner, professional speaker, author, and Master Certified Coach in an EQ assessment, the skills you need to be a successful and effective leader are Monica’s specialty. In her sessions, Monica combines an engaging entrepreneurial spirit with a background in structured corporate culture. She rolls up her sleeves, dives in, and easily customizes her approach to meet your needs. In her background, Monica has both appeared on CNN and Fox, as well as authored six books, including Make Difficult People Disappear. She’s delivered leadership guidance to more than half a million people as a keynote speaker and was recently invited to become a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Monica is the recovering workaholic with a life who gets things done early and fast, but values teamwork, sees the value in patience, and assertively shares her insights with pleasant passion. With Monica Wofford, there is an approachable softness alongside her polished, graceful, powerful business side both accompanied by her enthused and frequent contagious laugh. With a successful role in leadership and leadership development since 1989, Monica is a powerful asset to your leadership guidance.

Monica Wofford
Books by Monica Wofford


David Hopkins


David Hopkins is a recognized leader with over 20 years senior level leadership. Starting at Walt Disney World and quickly rising to leadership positions. In the 10 years with Disney David has proven himself a strong and creative leader. Stream lining operations to increase guest satisfaction scores and reducing waste. While excelling in operations as a leader, David was asked to assist leadership in merchandise. During this time David increased sales by 15 % in 3 months with creative solutions and increasing guest satisfaction scores. With extensive experience in all operations within Walt Disney World, David was promoted to Safety Program Manger over Disney’s Animal Kingdom, (then Downtown Disney Entertainment complex) and all 3 Water Parks in total of over eight thousand Employees. During this capacity David reduced worker (cast-member) injuries to a new minimum standard at Walt Disney World. David negotiated through 3 different government agencies for new site developments. A well rounded expert in theme park operations and development, David is a recognized leader on an  International Level. David also has an in-depth knowledge of operations in Health Care. Developing and growing the United States number one surgical training institute for surgeons, over twenty thousand a year, in robotic and minimally invasive techniques. David brought Disney Hospitality to a health care environment. While leading a diverse team Disney sought to partner with David again in teaching with the Disney Institute program Health Care Excellence a three and half day course that taught the Disney Magic to Health Care Leaders from around the world. David has since excelled in Health care with C- Suite roles in various lines of businesses. Recently David has led many multi functional teams in long term care. Leading teams of over two hundred employees and buildings totaling in over 85 million dollars with annual budgets that exceed 10 million in annual operating expenses. David continues to blaze new paths in service and operations.


Nancy Cummings


Dr. Nancy H. Cummings, EdD is a dynamic, visionary leader with diverse executive experiences. As an agent of change driven for excellence, her unique ability to facilitate challenging conversations is skillfully combined with a deep understanding of high-stakes, complex systems. Nancy is a people-centric leader who boldly strives to create strategies that remove obstacles, align teams, and optimize talent and resources – effectively impacting revenue and sustainability.


Hardy Smith
Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game by Hardy Smith

Hardy Smith

Senior Consultant, Media Specialist, Manager, Business Owner, EQ Expert

Hardy Smith is author of the Amazon best-selling book, Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game: How to Stop the Cycle of Frustrating Relationships and Benefit From A Fully Engaged Board. As a consultant and speaker Hardy works with nonprofits and associations who want fully engaged boards.

As a non-profit specialist, his results-oriented approach and recognized ability for solving complex problems in coaching and advising clients, is based on a longtime career in the high-performance world of NASCAR racing.  That experience included strategic planning for development and growth of some of the country’s largest sports and entertainment facilities and spectator events.

Hardy’s professional background also includes extensive media experience.  He is an award winning radio news reporter, radio station operations manager, national network correspondent, and writer for Birmingham News. He also worked as a broadcast director for Motor Racing Radio Network. Other professional career experience includes: Certifications in nonprofit management, volunteer administration, and the CORE MAP® assessment. Hardy is a Faculty member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Institute for Organization Management.

Government | NASCAR | Non-Profit | Boards

Tom Hoisington

Leadership Coach

Enthusiastic, humorous, and dynamic is how training class participants describe Tom Hoisington. As an experienced trainer, Tom uses a high energy presentation to connect with adult learning styles. His humor, stories, and analogies help make training content easily understood. Assessments show that those benefiting from Tom’s training techniques show strong improvement in comprehension and understanding. Tom’s ability to bring clarity to difficult topics leads to needed behavioral changes.

Tom has an extensive career in the financial services industry. His has sold insurance products and mutual funds, developed and delivered training programs for both agency managers and agents. Tom also has had compliance officer responsibility for a 24 state territory ensuring that sales offices and sales personnel were in full compliance with state insurance laws and NASD (now FINRA) Regulations.

As the Director of Education Outreach for a non-profit credit counseling agency, Tom worked closely with Central Florida non-profit social service agencies developing and delivering both financial education and personal financial counseling. He also served the agency as a certified credit and housing counselor.

Prior to entering the financial services business, Tom worked in a variety of positions within the restaurant industry and taught in the public school system.

Hadi Choucair

Leadership Coach

Hadi is a seasoned International Learning & Development Manager with 18 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates.
Over the span of those years Hadi worked with some leading companies and organizations that vary from the Airline industry to Retail.
He is enthusiastic and passionate about training at all levels. This shows through his engagement with the audience from the get-go. Hadi is an expressive person by nature, and he feeds off establishing rapport with participants to deliver programs that speak directly to their job responsibilities and accountabilities. Hadi is strongly driven by his interpersonal and communication skills which allow him to create long lasting
relationships with participants, staff and colleagues based on mutual trust and respect.

Hadi’s preferred facilitating style reflects the training school that he belongs to. Brain Friendly Learning features strongly in all the programs that he designs and delivers. He believes in high level engagement in his classroom with a clear delivery to all preferred learning styles which includes Visual, Audio, Reading and Kinesthetic. Special attention is given to the latter as Learning by Doing is a clear testimony to the transfer process of learning.

Matt Brown

Leadership Coach

Executive with 20+ years in advisory services and entrepreneurship.
Successful track record in leading teams to analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify opportunities, and develop and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for growth, enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving customer service. Industries include: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Energy, Insurance, Healthcare, Media, Software, and Telecom.

Venture Capital
Project / Portfolio Management
Process Improvement
Software Dev. / Implementation
Strategy / Business Planning
Organizational Change Mgmt.
Sales and Customer Service

Kathy Schissler

Leadership Coach

Kathy Schissler owns Destination Breakthrough, LLC, a company providing services that foster organizational sales, profits, leadership and business growth.  Through methods of strategic planning, process improvement, and the development of leadership abilities using the CORE Multi-Awareness Assessment, Kathy facilitates overall alignment of company vision, strategy and resources resulting in double if not triple results in sales & profits.

 Clients hire Kathy to:

  • Facilitate strategic planning meetings & retreats
  • Facilitate the creation and improvement of team systems & processes
  • Coach Leaders in Emotional Intelligence for optimal leadership performance
  • Facilitate leadership development workshops & retreats
  • Facilitate/Train personal leadership workshops & retreats

Should you have any questions about any of the coaches you see listed below or wish to inquire about working with Contagious Companies™ as a coach, please contact our office directly at 1-866-382-0121. To select your coaching program, click here.

All of our coaches are Certified CORE Profile® Facilitators and specialize in Business or Executive Coaching. With each of our coaches and coaching programs (except hourly coaching) you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited access to Phone Calls and Emails between sessions
  • One on One professional personalized guidance
  • Additional short phone sessions, in between sessions as needed
  • Written feedback on various materials or projects as requested
  • Personalized review of your CORE® Profile Assessment results


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