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The CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile

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The CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile

Use of the CORE Profile® Assessment in Leadership Training

The CORE Profile® Assessment measures the impact of training on each participant. When used in conjunction with live training courses this online personality profile reveals skill development, indicates likely use of new behaviors, and create a common language from which to build additional skills, retention, and application.

Use of the CORE Profile® Assessment in Leadership Consulting

The CORE Profile® Assessment will determine job fit and enhance the kind of role clarity that creates employee engagement and buy-in. When organizations need everyone to buy into a big change or culture shift, the CORE Profile gives employees the know-how and knowledge to be able to shift instead of resist.

Use of the CORE Profile® Assessment in Leadership Coaching

The CORE Profile Assessment and the 90 minute results review creates epiphanies. This assessment gives you answers to “who do I want to be when I grow up”. The CORE Profile® reveals faked behaviors, learned and conditioned traits, and replenishes the energy lost in trying to be one person at work and one at home.

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How Does CORE® compare to Myers Briggs, DISC, CARE, Wilson, Hogan or other profiles our company has used?

Each of these profiles is one dimensional and shows only a snapshot of where you are now in your self perception. Has your perception of yourself ever changed? Certainly! In addition, no other profile provides you with a progress checking device that allows you to measure your progress once armed with information on where you are functioning and perceiving today. CORE is a three dimensional tool that gives you multiple views of how you perceive yourself, how you are functioning and what you do when under stress and why. It also aligns Carl Jung’s philosophy of rational and irrational continuums with Hippocrates four temperament theory and allows you to evolve using these tools rather than labeling you as one way forever and ever. See the comparison chart of CORE to some of these other profile tools below.

Can I test the CORE Profile® for myself before giving it to those I work with?

Of course. You may complete the entire CORE MAP® for yourself and we can facilitate that coaching session just for you before you make any further decisions. Click on the COMPLETE YOUR CORE PROFILE® button above to complete your profile and please contact us so that we know of your desire to preview this tool.

Can we have one or two of our managers take the CORE Profile®?

Yes. The CORE Profile® can be utilized by one person, ten people, or your entire organization. The number of people you wish to develop is completely up to you. Organizations such as SeaWorld®, Hilton, Microsoft, and State Farm have utilized this tool for both individual departments and entire employee populations.

How long does it take to get the results?

Once the participant completes the profile, results are provided to the coach immediately, who then sets up a time with you to share these results with the participant.

Can I get results without a coach?

Yes. We can use the entire CORE MAP® (Multi Awareness Profile) that includes a 90 minute one on one coaching session or you can utilize the CORE PEP® (Personal Effectiveness Profile) that is shorter and provides powerful results and usable information without needing a coach. The value of having a coach facilitate your results, which is included in the cost of the profile, is two fold: 1) 54% of the population does not know themselves well enough to accurately self report on a tool of this type and 2) when our coaches facilitate the results you receive answers to the question “Now what do I do with this information?” Mere results on a piece of paper can’t give you those answers.

How do we set up profile taking and coaching in our organization?

Contact Janine at 1-866-382-0121 to discuss how many CORE Profiles® you wish to utilize, how many participants you would like to see benefit from coaching or training, and what the end result is that you are looking to achieve with the profile information.

Can a person change the results they get?

ABSOLUTELY! Well wait, can you change your answers? Of course, they’re your answers, but if you’re asking can you change as a result of your results, then ABSOLUTELY. Part of what we do at Contagious Companies, Inc. is work with participants and their information to determine areas of needed skill development. What comes up in your profile is what comes up and the results are often through conditioning or situational. For organizations, we are able to utilize the information that comes from the CORE Profiles® and design tailor made leadership, confidence, or communication training to meet the direct needs of the members of your organization. Thus a person can, and often does, change their behavior and results, but this tool makes it much easier and painless.

What does "tailor made leadership training" mean?

If your organization spends money on training, that money is often misspent on courses that will not meet the needs that lay at the root of the problems you or your employees are having. For example, if the managers in your company are not communicating well with others, an Assertive Skills Training Class that costs you thousands of dollars will only address the needs of those who are not communicating because they are shy or have learned to keep quiet. (Only a few of the folks will have that as an issue). The remainder may not be communicating because they are “get it done” folks working with “get it right” folks and assertive skills will not change the priorities of either group. Others may not be communicating because of fear of repercussions or an overbearing leader. In either case, assertiveness is not at the root of the problem. It is what we call a band aid or “drive by training” that won’t stick. With the CORE Profile® data from participants, we can see the actual skill gaps, and the actual reactions to stress and levels of stress, and as a result, we can ask better diagnostic questions to get to the actual need and design training that pinpoints the actual needs that exist and that once resolved or developed, will make your organizational problems disappear.

How much does customized, or "tailor made", training cost?

We operate on a value based pricing model that allows for your input, your budgetary needs, the size of your group, and your desired ROI to be calculated into the cost of your training. The cost of buying training that will not meet your needs, or provide a measurable ROI, or stick (be retained by employees) far outweighs the cost that you would invest in customized training made specific to your team’s needs. We are very competitive in our pricing and more effective in our results, retention, and return on investment.

How can you be more effective than any other training company with your results?

Contagious Companies, Inc. provides customized training, business coaching, ready-made training courses, and profile tools to help us get to the root of your issue or problem. The CORE MAP tool allows us to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the return on investment of your training, coaching, and consulting dollar. Others claim to give you proof of ROI, we actually provide it with a graph showing each person’s change in behavior and actions. No other training organization provides this combination of needs assessment, customized training, specific skill coaching, and ROI measurement that helps you meet the needs of your organization, meet the needs of those people you work with and meet the needs of the CEO, CFO and HR department, simultaneously.
During the Contagious Confidence™ Conference, Monica had the participants complete the CORE Snapshot™ to evaluate communication and behavioral attributes. Communication is a huge piece of our professional life and working for a university it is important to understand how to communicate with others at all levels. I thought about ways that we could integrate this at our campuses in order to promote the importance of how we communicate with others as well as the importance of others understanding effective ways to communicate with each individual. One month after the conference, our entire team from receptionists to department heads completed the assessment and the response has been GREAT! Thank you Monica for always providing your conference participants with ways to continuously improve the effectiveness of communication at all levels.
Jennifer Rodriguez

Associate Campus Director, University of Phoenix

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