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Make Difficult People Disappear goes beyond personality profiles and difficult people. It’s a must-experience for leaders wanting to improve themselves, their teams, and their organizations.”

P. Vincent, Microsoft

“If your focus is on developing a strong team, improving your guest’s experience, and reducing your own leadership stress … engage in the Make Difficult People Disappear read this book.”

T. Prather, SeaWorld Orlando

”Have you ever wondered if you are the difficult person that others want to make disappear? If so, this engaging fable is for you. It will help you identify traits and actions in your own life and produce dynamic, fully functioning teams within your organization.”

M. Mowdy, State Farm

“Everyone has at least one person they wish would disappear. Exit Houdini, enter Monica. Monica has crafted the answers that you can use the minute you buy, read, and implement this book. Better yet, get the training program!”

J. Gitomer, Author Customer Service is Worthless, Customer Satisfaction is PRICELESS.

A wise bit of advice from a woman who knows what she’s doing when it comes to leadership.”

Imad Raad, Royal Jet Group, Gulf Region

“The journey up the corporate ladder can be filled with difficult labels and decisions, particularly for women. But these programs and the books on which they’re based (Make Difficult People Disappear and Contagious Leadership) finally prove that it isn’t all about gender or position, but who are and who we choose to bring to the office. Four words: BUY IT ALL NOW.”

K. Leischen, Office Depot

“Contagious Leadership is a ‘Call to Action’ for developing personal responsibility and leadership. Monica’s enthusiasm, knowledge and heightened optimism will convince you of your innate potential for leadership. Very inspirational, motivating, and contagious!”

Dr. D. Townley, University of Phoenix

Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

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