Surprising Secrets of the Condescending Boss

Their demeanor and tone is certainly no surprise, but what’s really behind this behavior may blow your mind. No one likes to work with someone who seems snotty or arrogant and yet, the number of times I’ve heard this comment just this past week, tells me this perception is on the rise. Employees report their… read more

How the Most Difficult Employees Reveal How You Lead

You’ve put in the long hours, been promoted a time or two, and difficult employees still seem to follow you! Whether they complain all the time, gripe about the way in which you lead or show you attitude when you convey what you need, difficult employees are not easy ones to lead. However, if they… read more

Leader Maimed by Crazy Wicked Koala

She didn’t stutter. She said crazy, wicked, evil little bears will scratch your eyes out. I laughed and then wondered if she was serious. What if I saw a Koala and was attacked? Could this headline be true? By the time you read this I will be nestled aboard Delta jetting to Sydney Australia to… read more

Three Intangible Traits of Leadership (Worth Touching On)

I have to laugh at my own silly sense of humor in “touching on” intangible traits, but I’m also making a point. You can quantifiably measure things like delegation, achievement, and motivation from a leader to a team. What you can’t measure are the three more intangible traits of patience, trust and confidence, but without… read more

5 Ways to Ensure You’re Living (and Leading) the Dream!

It came up again! That question that makes me wince: “So, tell me, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?” The question was actually posed to a client, interviewing to be a judge and you would think they’d be far more interested in learning what she loved to do versus her own perception… read more

Do You Have the Personality You Need to Lead?

In the dozens of assessments available, not a one shows a quadrant labeled “natural born”. It’s not a personality, but rather a persistent belief that to lead, one must arrive with certain traits at birth? I’ve asked the question “What does it take to be a leader” in classes and webinars worldwide and the list… read more

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