Fall, Fourth Quarter, Football and other F words.

Now come on… it’s not what you’re thinking, but if you laughed or inserted your own commentary beginning with F, that might be some foreshadowing about the upcoming season. The typical fall season is where we fall back (in most states) on our clocks, prepare for anticipated fourth quarter sales and traffic, and try to… read more

3 Ways to Manage the Tasks Instead of Your Time

The concept of a Time Management course has always seemed redundant to me. Aren’t watches and clocks used for time management? And isn’t it really much more about what you do with that time that makes the difference? If so, then how do you manage the tasks that go in your time to make sure… read more

We have a winner!

Thanks to all who entered our Free Ticket Friday contest.  The winner of the free ticket is: Johanna Velasquez.  We’ll be in touch Johanna, many congratulations! We have just a few seats left for our conference, so if you would like us to save one for you then please visit our website to register: http://contagiousconferences.com/register.html… read more

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