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How to Be a Liberated Leader

What first comes to mind, might be QUIT! Or maybe one thinks of a communist regime, but how to be a liberated leader is a deeper thinking bit of guidance than both. Inspired by the words from a recent coaching client, feeling liberated is about “being free to be me” or acting authentically.  Instead of… read more

The Truth on Cookie Cutter Leadership Approaches

Cookie cutter anything, when it comes to working with people, creates half-baked results. Though the case may be made for having a structure, a clear model and a definitive process, being married to one approach, when working with more than one person, doesn’t work. In leading the development of the skills of others, always remember… read more

Why All Leadership Policies Are Personal

Your office policies exist for a reason, but how they land on those you lead and are then shared with the customers they see makes a big difference. For example: A clerk greeted the patient with “Hey” and then shared a slight smirk. She processed the appointment checkout with minimal patient engagement and then balked… read more

Leading a Liar

Leading a lying employee is never fun because while it’s really obvious from some people, children for example, some adults are quite skilled and quite crafty in how they cover the truth. What does a leader do when an employee lies?  How do you get to the real truth and lead them past this type… read more

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