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Monday Moment: Overthinking Leadership

Good morning and Happy Monday. I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment. Overthinking has become a popular topic. And heck with the multitude of new expectations of leaders and those in leadership, those prone to assimilating gobs of details in an effort to get to the precise “right” decision are likely to jump… read more

Monday Moment: Lead Your Assumptions

Good morning and Happy Monday! I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment on leading your assumptions. Assumptions are much like expectations. Everyone’s got some and rarely are two the very same or even accurate. But in the role of leader, this deserves a bit of extra effort and double checking. For example, based… read more

Beliefs Backing Leaders into a Corner

Beliefs Backing Leaders into a Corner

Leaders in the role for more than a minute, all know that teaching and doing are entirely different. Yet, in recent Monday Moments we’ve talked about the benefits of teaching employees to fail and learn faster, while we’ve ignored teaching leaders to stop backing themselves into proverbial failure corners. These are the tight spots and… read more

3 Obvious Mistakes You Should Insist Employees Make

Monday Moments for this month are focused on teaching those you lead how to fail. It’s not easy, but it’s a one of the Top Ten Leadership Tips of 2019 leadership will benefit from the most and in which they’ll find the most value. Workforces are changing by the minute and new generations are emerging… read more

How to Create Real Engagement and True Innovation

“The fastest way to succeed,” IBM’s Thomas Watson, Sr., once said, “is to double your failure rate.” It’s a nice topic of conversation, but most companies and even more leaders find themselves ill equipped to encourage failure, much less teach new leaders how to double their rate at it. The question becomes are you a… read more

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