50 Shades of Frustration

  While it may not be the racy read that is topping all the charts, Make Difficult People Disappear does give you the map, clues, and guidance to deal with your favorite person who seems to have 50 shades of frustrating behavior that they repeatedly share with you. Whether its people who whine, never follow… read more

How Leaders Must Deal with the Whole New Level of Stress

Sadly, we are all dealing with a whole new level of stress. TVs blare the news of a theatre massacre, country after country in turmoil, gas prices up and down, and of course the mudslinging US election ads, all of which make me grateful I chose a different path than my original dream of being… read more

“I Respect You, but Do I Have to Like You?”

In Make Difficult People Disappear, I talk about those you lead being different, versus difficult. But the question then becomes “Do you respect those differences of those you lead?” We like people who are like us. Yet, respecting the ones who are different is what results in real creativity and leaps to the next level… read more

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