How Leaders Bounce Back From Set Backs™

Everyone has had those bummer moments. Whether it’s the promotion you didn’t get, the negotiation you lost, or that bad hiring decision you realized you made too late, set backs are part of the growth process. They might make you sad, even sting, or hurt, but with How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs, that feeling won’t last forever. This webinar addresses how leaders overcome challenges and how leaders rise above, work through the emotions, and appropriately express frustration, without making the situation worse. How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs gives you the tools, the support, and the steps all in one session. You’ll learn the difference between losing and loser; the 3 primary methods for returning to a new normal; and the way to work through your feelings the fastest. You’ll also learn how to voice your concerns to others who may be resistant to hearing your side of the story. From this LIVE webinar, attendees will be able to:


· Identify the difference between losing and loser

· Apply 3 methods for returning to productive

· Utilize 7 techniques for growing painlessly in the process

LIVE! Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | 2:30 PM EDT 

60 Minutes | $80 per person (bulk rates available)

Make Difficult People Disappear™

Make Difficult People Disappear™ takes dealing with difficult people to a whole new level! This webinar will teach employees and leaders how to reduce their own stress levels and eliminate conflict with others in the workplace (and at home!). Based on the popular book by Monica Wofford, CSP, Make Difficult People Disappear™ provides you with ten easily applicable steps for seeing others as different instead of difficult. Once that happens, greater acceptance, tolerance, productivity, and camaraderie will be the words used to describe your employees and teams. From this LIVE webinar, attendees will be able to:


· How and when to motivate team members

· How to recognize those you lead with or without “pom-poms”

· How to shift the mindset from one of constant difficulty and negativity to one of acceptance

· How to assess your own needs and the needs of those you lead or work with

· How to remove the labels that create conflict

· How to align your expectations with the capabilities of those you lead on the team

LIVE! Thursday, September 12, 2019 | 2:00 PM EDT 

90 Minutes | $120 per person (bulk rates available)

Tell It Like It Is: Leading Effective Employee Conversations™

This is THE communication course for bosses who shy away from delicate or difficult conversations. No matter your style, this webinar will help you reduce conflict, ignore less issues, and improve coaching. At this LIVE webinar, the attendee will be able to:


  • To gain 3 immediately actionable simple methods for attendance-based conversations
  • To identify their most appropriate fact-finding approach and tactic for communication
  • To experience growth in the leadership skill set of communication, coaching, and preparation for difficult conversations. 

LIVE! Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 2:30 PM EDT 

60 Minutes | $80 per person (bulk rates available)

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