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When challenges arise, true leaders emerge.


When the WORLD seems contagious, our leaders get courageous and start spreading encouragement, resiliency and the will to persevere. Our leaders are those that are members of the Contagious Community, alumni, learners and coaching clients of Contagious Companies, Inc. We want to include you in that community and please, consider this an official invitation.”  Monica Wofford, Founder, Contagious Companies

Business has changed, but it hasn’t stopped. Now more than ever, we need great leaders.


We’ll help you become that great leader.

Flexible and Free Development Opportunities

The current situation is creating challenges for leaders at all levels, and we’d like to help.  For a limited time, the team at Contagious Companies is sharing a collection of three complimentary resources designed to keep you growing and help you lead effectively during these uncertain times.

Free 30-Minute Coaching Session with Monica!

Practical Strategies Delivered Every Monday Morning

VIDEO RESOURCE: “How Exactly Do You Lead a New Normal?”

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    A Free 30-Minute Coaching Session with Monica WoffordWeekly Leadership Strategies Delivered Every MondayThe Video Resource, “How Exactly Do You Lead a New Normal?”

    Additional Leadership Development Options:

    In addition to the free limited-time resources, we’ve radically changed our pricing on these leadership development tools to support you during this time.  We’ve decided that building better, stronger, more well-equipped leader right now was paramount!

    Virtual 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

    With personalized business and leadership coaching, you’ll fast-track your progress to becoming a better, stronger, more powerful, and more effective leader.

    For the first time ever, Monica Wofford is working with new coaching clients in an online, 30-minute format. This is our most affordable and flexible coaching option, but still packs a punch in the form of improved leadership!

    Online Leadership Webinars

    With nearly 100 topics across nine core leadership areas, Contagious Companies’ Leadership Webinars are the perfect option to meet the needs of your busy schedule and remote working environment.

     Is there a specific topic you need help with?  No problem! Register for a single session.  Want to bundle a multiple sessions to secure the best pricing?  We’ve got you covered!

    Contagious Leadership Action Bundle

    With this Action Bundle, new managers will experience a mindset shift on what it means to truly lead, motivate and engage his/her team

    Through ten “take-away” packed sections, five reusable templates, and abbreviated assessment, managers can expect to make a smooth and rapid transition into leadership.

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    Make Difficult People Disappear Action Bundle

    Whether your difficult person exists at work or at home, it’s no fun to face them daily. Those negative Neds and Nellies who insist on ruining your day, really can be taught to leave you alone and go away! In this strategy-packed bundle, you’ll learn how to do it and take action with an easy to follow action manual.

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    Beginning a coaching relationship is an important step in reaching the next level.

    We’re here to discuss your unique needs and formulate a program that works best for you.

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