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Training Course Leaders’ Guides and Workbooks

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Contagious Leadership Guide & Workbook

The Contagious Leadership™ Curriculum is ideal for middle managers who’ve had little training on how to lead employees.

Make Difficult People Disappear Guide & Workbook

The Make Difficult People Disappear™ Curriculum is based off of the book featured in CNN, Forbes, Entrepereur.com and Bloomberg’s Businessweek magazine.

Contagious Communication Guide & Workbook

The Contagious Communication™ Curriculum is ideal for managers, teams, and employees who just can’t seem to get their message across.

Transition from Buddy to Boss Guide & Workbook

The Transition from Buddy to Boss Curriculum is ideal for recently promoted managers, or those who are about to be, that want to ensure are not only promoted, but prepared.

Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

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