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Great Leaders can GROW into Great Leadership

Leadership is not one size fits all or one style fits every person and learning how to embody that is not always easy…

Being naturally born into leadership is like saying someone was naturally born into parenting and because you are one you know how to do it. Neither come with a manual. Besides, how one leads and how good you are at it really depends on who you’re leading. (and who YOU are to start with!)

Leadership Development: 12 Sessions

It’s true. Some personality traits and skills might make you think someone is a natural born leader. It is also true that we don’t believe that’s a thing. Anyone can learn how to lead, as long as you have what we call the key three: desire, skills, and practice. If you want to lead others, we can help. If you already manage others and aren’t sure how to get to leading, because there is a difference, we can help there, as well. If you’ve been leading for a while and you’re tired and want, instead, to stop leading and lead your life and career in a different direction, yep, you guessed it, we can help.

Our 12-Session Coaching program, while certainly our most popular format, is designed for flexibility of focus and addressing both the big picture and the details of your areas of focus. Sessions can occur in quick succession when there is an issue or new skill that needs momentum and then throttle to a bi-weekly or monthly schedule when practice is needed, or workflow demands are present. This program is for leaders newly promoted, those who’ve been at it and risk being stagnate, middle managers, directors, and senior leaders, who need a boost in what they’re doing and either wish to do something different, aren’t sure what that is, or what to do their job even better.

  • 12 One-Hour Sessions
  • One 90-Minute Session for the CORE Profile® Review and Application

Suggested focus:

  • 3-5 focal points
  • Skill you wish to learn
  • Habit you wish to break
  • Large life or work decision
  • Overall improvement
  • Career Shift or Transition
  • Mindset shift or adjustment
  • Mid-Life or Career Problem
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly
  • Flexible frequency
  • No expiration time
  • Scheduled in real time

This coaching program easily allows for devoting three or four sessions to specific leadership topics and staying focused on more than one issue over the course of our work together. This is also BY FAR the most popular coaching program as habits don’t change overnight. This is where leaders see long-term behavioral change and usually significant career improvement.

*Upon purchase we will quickly reach out to welcome you and schedule.

“In working with a coach, I expected to learn skills needed to become a better leader of what at times feels like a three ring circus. I got that and then some. Monica was really great and I will be grateful forever for her time and insights poured into me and my skills in life and leadership.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Middle School Principal

“Powerful guidance and insight. I learned a tremendous amount during our time together and the personal and professional development you began has continued to grow and strengthen. My next goal is coming to fruition and I have you to thank for helping me build a strong foundation.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Attorney

“My business transformation has been astounding and it all started with hiring Monica as my coach, when I saw her speak at our National conference. She has taught me how to hire better, how to fire in ways easier for ALL of us, and how to coach, sell, and hell, even work with the title company and closing agents better. It is incredible how easy she makes it all seem and how much confidence she can build so quickly in my own skills and abilities. She’s even helped my freaking marriage!”

Confidential Coaching Client, Realtor

“The reason I hired Monica is because I saw her talk at an event and I loved her energy! I have been working with her for a couple of months and it has been very helpful. Every situation is different of course, and I don’t know why you are considering Monica, but I needed someone to push me to make some critical business decisions and to take action on them. She helped me look at my overwhelming and overflowing list of ideas with some clear common sense and helped me prioritize every item, which helped me make decisions, which I failed to do for quite some time. It’s amazing how we can help our clients, but when it comes to “us” – that’s a different story :) Not only did she help me with that she also helped to keep me on track and on schedule.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Business Owner

“Monica is a wise and gifted coach and has given me the momentum I needed. Now I know what contagious means!!!!  I truly feel I’m on the right path with my own business coaching concept and that everything I have learned from Monica to date has led me to greater clarity and amazing results.  The puzzle pieces are all fitting together and I am forever grateful!”

Confidential Coaching Client, Certified Coach, Canada

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Most of the time is our own concerns, fears or beliefs that stand in our way of growth. That’s not ALWAYS the case, but if the voices in your head are coming up with excuses when a big part of you really wants solutions, we’re happy to be of assistance. No bots, no menu trees, just people. Give us a call for a personal conversation about your desired professional (or personal) development.

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