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Being an Executive is often seen as the pinnacle of success. It can also signal when the definition of success is about to change…

When you’re an executive, in an organization of large or small stature, chances are this is not your first rodeo, first team, or the first time you’ve questioned a few things. You may also find the nagging desire to answer the what’s next question, reigns. We’re quite skilled in mentoring the navigation in this arena.

Many experiences have availed you of your current level of achievements and sometimes what is most valued is shared expertise, an objective opinion, or someone who will afford you the opportunity to step back and observe the team or the organization

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is not merely for C-Suite leaders or those with an Executive title. This coaching focus is designed for those who have reached a level considered successful and are looking for guidance at a higher level. Executive Coaching shares that guidance in a personalized, mentor-like manner and is provided by those who have been where you are. 

Our executive coaches get what it’s like to have that level of responsibility. They know the pressure of making the right, wise, or greatest good decisions. They understand a career transition may be tied to one’s identity and sense of relevance They also have genuine experience in both good times and bad in a business, as well as have lived the significant pivots, changes, workforce expansions or reductions, and all of the revenue and financial implications. Our Executive Coaches are your peers and have a combined massive amount of experience.

Years of Work

Employees Led

Hours of Mentoring

With Executive Coaching, our goal is your focus. Business improvement? We’re on it. Graceful exit? We’re with you. Complex dynamic? Bring it. Let our years of experience walk with you through your next level, decision, or season. Let our knowledge and wisdom bring your ideas and innovations to fruition.

If you’re a seasoned leader making a career transition or struggling with an area that does not appear to have an easy solution, our Executive Coaching program may be the ideal solution. Working with seasoned leaders who have experience and a talent for sharing objective guidance often involves an even more collaborative approach. We take a similar approach when serving in the role of Interim CEO or COO or as an outsourced HR or Training and Development department.

Interim Executives

Perhaps you’ve determined your COO is not as ideally suited for the role as you once thought. Perhaps you’ve invited them to grow, but elsewhere. Or, you may be going through the retirement of a beloved Senior leader or CEO, or his or her unexpected departure, and need some help on an interim basis.

Our Executive Coaches have each been in the role of Interim CEO and Senior Advisor in a number of different industries and organizations from Corporate to Non-Profit, Academia, and local Government. We believe the goal in serving in these roles, is to advise, develop, and keep the wheels from falling off the bus. There are also times when having an Interim Executive do the heavy lifting or unpleasant housekeeping of an organization has value and benefit. We’ve been in that role, as well.

Each organization is different and is often in a different season, so if you have a need for an Interim Executive, we would be honored to assist and also have a few questions to ensure we are a good fit and for the optimal personalization of our services to you and your organization.

Outsourced HR and Training

When business begins to scale it can be one of the most painful times of the life of an organization. On the one hand, it’s a caviar problem to be growing and expanding and taking on more business or clients. On the other hand, the team can be stretched thin, able to juggle no more, and doing more with less becomes just doing less, at lower levels of quality, until folks just get crispy and burn the heck out. 

This is where the question becomes where will you grow? In the area of your goals or in the areas that may currently be frustrating you the most. The two most common of those are Human Resources and Training and Development.

Human Resources

(should not feel like brakes when you want to press the gas pedal!)

If your focus is on sales and gaining more clients, spending your time and energy on clarifying the rules and procedures for the ones you have is diluting your efforts. Let us handle your Employee Handbook and Operations Manuals and Policies and Procedures documentation. 

If your focus is on engaging your customers and building or repairing relationships or expanding the business into new lines or new territories, let us provide the Human Resources needs for the existing workforce. You knowing the answers to Benefits questions or Managing Payroll errors and inputs or documenting Disciplinary and Coaching processes will take you away from expansion and perhaps even make you miss an opportunity. Let us do the heavy lifting in these important areas as an objective and experienced outsourced Human Resources department.

Training And Development

(should not be draining and should produce results worth celebrating!)

Your organization may simply need, crave, and deserve development. But, until your have more than 50 employees, having a dedicated Human Resources department is impractical and having your own department for Learning and Development may feel cost prohibitive. Plus, outsourcing the training and learning and coaching function often increases your ability to be objective and the training’s credibility. You’re just the leader and after listening to you for years, employees may start to tune you out much like a parent. Yep, this happens. (Plus, we have more than 50 years of experience in training, coaching, and learning and development, so we’re more like the grandparents they view as wise and interesting..)

We also get it. Outsourcing to an unknown source and entrusting us with your team or your information can be scary.
Letting go and delegating? Even scarier. 

Believe it or not, we’ve been there, too.
We know how that feels, so let’s get to know each other.
Let’s see if we can make your life a little easier and those goals happen a little faster.

“In working with a coach, I expected to learn skills needed to become a better leader of what at times feels like a three ring circus. I got that and then some. Monica was really great and I will be grateful forever for her time and insights poured into me and my skills in life and leadership.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Middle School Principal

“Powerful guidance and insight. I learned a tremendous amount during our time together and the personal and professional development you began has continued to grow and strengthen. My next goal is coming to fruition and I have you to thank for helping me build a strong foundation.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Attorney

“My business transformation has been astounding and it all started with hiring Monica as my coach, when I saw her speak at our National conference. She has taught me how to hire better, how to fire in ways easier for ALL of us, and how to coach, sell, and hell, even work with the title company and closing agents better. It is incredible how easy she makes it all seem and how much confidence she can build so quickly in my own skills and abilities. She’s even helped my freaking marriage!”

Confidential Coaching Client, Realtor

“The reason I hired Monica is because I saw her talk at an event and I loved her energy! I have been working with her for a couple of months and it has been very helpful. Every situation is different of course, and I don’t know why you are considering Monica, but I needed someone to push me to make some critical business decisions and to take action on them. She helped me look at my overwhelming and overflowing list of ideas with some clear common sense and helped me prioritize every item, which helped me make decisions, which I failed to do for quite some time. It’s amazing how we can help our clients, but when it comes to “us” – that’s a different story 🙂 Not only did she help me with that she also helped to keep me on track and on schedule.”

Confidential Coaching Client, Business Owner

“Monica is a wise and gifted coach and has given me the momentum I needed. Now I know what contagious means!!!!  I truly feel I’m on the right path with my own business coaching concept and that everything I have learned from Monica to date has led me to greater clarity and amazing results.  The puzzle pieces are all fitting together and I am forever grateful!”

Confidential Coaching Client, Certified Coach, Canada

Our Coaches and Trainers

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