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Imagine having the RIGHT people, with the RIGHT skills, in the RIGHT roles.

We can tell you, it’s a beautiful thing! And for over 15 years we’ve been helping organizations achieve this through our proven Consulting process.



Having top talent is important, but it’s only part of the equation when it comes to operating at peak performance.

We can help!


When low morale takes its grip on an organization, the negative impact can be dramatic and far-reaching.

We can help!


Is that well-oiled machine you envisioned operating more like a rusty bicycle? It may be time for a team tuneup.

We can help!

“Your recent engagement with us on developing ‘Contagious’ leaders went above and beyond my wildest expectations! You gave each and every leader a strong foundation in the concepts of leadership that were ‘real world’ applicable. EVERYONE has mentioned how your impact gave them just that right mixture of validation, confidence, skills, and brand-new perspectives. They could not wait to share their insights with their teams AND for your next visit with more insights!”

Yamamoto, Estee Lauder Companies

“Monica was exceptionally relevant and effective. She involved every level of leadership very well.”

Baggerly, U.S. Mint

“Outstanding information on all topics – very valuable info! Monica presented it all with wonderful examples and recommendations – all in a fun way – very delightful. Excellent! Monica was fabulous, very informative, very helpful, and fun!”

Curtis, United States Tennis Association

“Monica was great! Her enthusiasm and sense of humor were contagious. Her business insights and recommended actions unparalleled and people centered. She makes you really feel like you have the support, ability, and new knowledge to make changes.”

Thompson, United Way

When doing a ‘walkabout’ after some of our team members worked with our Business Consultant, I had a long conversation with one of them. She informed me that earlier that morning she really didn’t want to go to the session with Monica. After the session, she was not only very glad she did attend, she also changed her mind and her views on her job so dramatically that she no longer wants to switch jobs. As a perhaps unintended benefit, Monica’s work with this person made someone feel better about herself and the job she is doing and in the process helped prevent a serious problem for my group.”

A. Schellekens, DSM Chemical Manufacturing


What is Contagious Consulting?

Contagious Consulting is a process of assessing your workforce, defining problems and providing solutions. In fact, with Contagious Consulting we have removed the barriers to working with a consultant and made it easy.

1 process… 3 steps… MEASURABLE RESULTS.

What Will Contagious Consulting Do For You and Your Company?

We help address strategic planning struggles, training problems, people problems, and job fit.

Those are broad categories and we address them with a similar process: Initial meeting and needs analysis, use of the CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile, and training. While those three consulting steps can take different forms and may include executive or business coaching for the leaders to adjust the culture, these steps may be used for a wide range of employees and leadership levels.

What Can You Expect from Contagious Consulting?

With Contagious Consulting, you can expect hands on, personal, credible expertise and attention as we work with and coach your senior most leaders, owners, principals, executives, middle managers, and front line employees.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


If you’re ready to get to the heart of your people issues and embark on a path to measurable results, we should talk!

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