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When leading in retail or managing to provide a service, the way your management team members treat front line staff immediately impacts sales. Customers have too many choices for your product or service to let even one a day get away.

To develop those managers you want to promote, who are also prepared, this results-oriented leadership training program and process will build their skills and boost your bottom line.

Consulting Phase 1: Training Department Audit

Foundational Course 1:
(for 1st Level Management)
Transition from Buddy to Boss:
The Smooth Path from Front-Line Staff to Supervision

Foundational Course 1:
(for Middle Management)
10 Steps to Being a Better Boss

Foundational Course 1:
(for Senior Leaders)
Strategic Planning that Makes Sense

Assessments: CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile®

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(for 1st Level Management)

Email message campaign for Leadership Lessons
(for 2nd Level Management)

Course 2: How Leaders Earn and Develop Rapport and Respect

Course 3: How Leaders Give Feedback Without Crushing Their Spirit

Course 4: How Leaders Deliver Discipline and Set Boundaries

Course 5: How Leaders Can Say No and Still Be Liked

Foundational Course 2: Contagious Leadership™:
Knowing When to Manage and When to Lead

Course 7: How Leaders Make Better Decisions

Course 8: How Leaders Handle Conflict

Course 9: How Leaders Improve Employee Engagement

Course 10: How Leaders Delegate and Still Deliver Results

Foundational Course 3: Contagious Communication™:
How Leaders Connect with Tact, Skill, Style and Respect

Course 12: How Leaders Interview to Hire Right

Course 13: How Leaders Create and Share Their Expectations

Course 14: How Leaders Learn to be More Professional and Less Emotional

Course 15: How Leaders Coach for Improved Performance

Consulting Phase 2: Job Description Assessment

Foundational Course 4: Make Difficult People Disappear™:
How to Reduce Stress and Eliminate Conflict in the Workplace

Course 17: How Leaders Manage Through Times of Change

Course 18: How Leaders Manage Their Time

Course 19: How Leaders Handle Their First HR Issue

Course 20: How Leaders Apply Emotional Intelligence to Motivate

Foundational Course 5: Contagious Confidence™:
How Leaders Build, Boost, and Maintain Strong Self-Esteem

Consulting Phase 3: Job Fit Analysis

Capstone Course: Contagious Collaboration™:
How a Leader Builds a Team and Brings Them Together


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