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In Telecom and Technology, often the greatest leadership challenge is getting those who know so much to lead the rest of us. Between hardware and software that changes overnight and models of equipment that changes at the speed of light, your leaders have to keep up or your market share will fall behind.

For your technical and non-technical managers and leaders, this results-oriented leadership training program and process will build their skills and keep the end users happy at the same time.

Consulting Phase 1: Training Department Audit

Foundational Course 1:
(for 1st Level Management)
Contagious Leadership™:
When you Need to Lead People AND Things

Assessments: CORE Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile®

Course 2: How Leaders Earn and Develop Rapport and Respect

Course 3: How Leaders Give Feedback Without Being Overly Critical

Course 4: How Leaders Deliver Discipline and Set Boundaries

Course 5: How Leaders Can Say No and Save Face

Foundational Course 2: 10 Steps to Being a Better Boss and Doing the Right Things

Course 7: How Leaders Make Better Decisions When People are Involved

Course 8: How Leaders Handle Conflict on Their Team

Course 9: How Leaders Improve Employee Engagement

Course 10: How Leaders Delegate and Still Deliver Results

Foundational Course 3: Contagious Communication™:
How Leaders Connect with Style and Grade an Not an Aloof Look on Their Face

Course 12: How Leaders Interview to Hire Right

Course 13: How Leaders Create and Share Their Expectations

Course 14: How Leaders Teach Others What They Know

Course 15: How Leaders Coach for Improved Performance

Consulting Phase 2: Job Description Assessment

Foundational Course 4: Make Difficult People Disappear™:
How to Reduce Stress and Eliminate Conflict in the Workplace

Course 17: How Leaders Manage Through Times of Change

Course 18: How Leaders Manage Their Time

Course 19: How Leaders Handle Employee Complaints

Course 20: How Leaders Apply Emotional Intelligence to Motivate

Foundational Course 5: Contagious Confidence™:
How Leaders Build, Boost, and Maintain Strong Self-Esteem

Consulting Phase 3: Job Fit Analysis

Capstone Course: Contagious Collaboration™:
How a Leader Builds a Team and Brings Them Together


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