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Contagious Leadership™ teaches leaders how to become better leaders. Using a proven ten step process for leadership development, this course transitions managers into leaders without having to learn by trial and error. Contagious Leadership™ is based on the book Contagious Leadership by Monica Wofford, and is a powerful leadership training course when they need to know how to lead and step by step how to lead others even better.

Training Class Learning Objectives

  • Learn to engage employees quickly with rapport and respect
  • Demonstrate effective communication, including listening skills
  • Identify four types of praise and how each may be used to motivate
  • Understand how to ask for help and how to learn from mistakes quickly
  • Identify and prevent burn out, bad habits and unnecessary micromanagement

Available with Handouts OR Workbooks

Format Options:

  • Full day or half day
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Conference keynote or breakout
  • Online/Webinar

Ideal audience for this results oriented leadership communication training class:

  • New managers who were promoted, but not prepared
  • Managers and leaders who are doubting their ability to lead others
  • Managers and leaders with a new team, inherited team members, or in need of a refresh

Monica was engaged to help us develop a comprehensive leadership training program… she developed 26 modules providing three stages of training development. Over the course of our 15 month relationship, she thoughtfully incorporated our culture, mission and values while carefully considering the audience. As a result, we now have a comprehensive Leadership University curriculum. Her efforts directly contributed to a reduction in attrition resulting in annualized savings in excess of $1.1M!

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