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Make Difficult People Disappear™ takes dealing with difficult people to a whole new level. This course will teach employees and leaders how to reduce their own stress, minimize stress from others, and eliminate conflict with others in the workplace. Based on the popular book by Monica Wofford, CSP, Make Difficult People Disappear™ shares ten steps for seeing others as different instead of difficult. (and what you do about those differences once you see them!)

Training Class Learning Objectives

  • Learn what each employee needs for motivation
  • Reduce confusion and miscommunication among coworkers
  • Employ emotional intelligence in performance management and praise
  • Understand why teams need different personalities and how to make it (and them!) work
  • Apply simple communication techniques to remove difficult interactions from the workplace

Available with Handouts OR Workbooks

Format Options:

  • Full day or half day
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Conference keynote or breakout
  • Online/Webinar

Ideal audience for this results oriented leadership communication training class:

  • New managers focused more on their title than their team
  • Managers and leaders unsure how to improve performance and teamwork
  • Managers, leaders, and front line team members who struggle with difficult people
Monica was great! Her enthusiasm and sense of humor were contagious. She makes you really feel like you have the ability and new knowledge to make changes.
J. Thompson

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