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Yep, even bosses, too. The last few years have been nuts and even with ALL the best tools, ample resources, and maybe even an infinite budget, the average boss, manager, and leader, has been through it! New issues, team changes, office to virtual and then there’s all that new AI and technology. What we say, how we say it, how we manage, and how we lead EVERYTHING has been shifted and altered and on any given day, you and your leader likely still try to smile and are likely being put through the ringer.

Chances are your boss works hard. Chances are you do, too. You both deserve a little love and notice of the good you do, so here’s your chance to do something simple that could…make a world of difference.

Welcome to the Lovin’ Your Leader List and initiative!  

If you know of a boss, manager, or leader who has done something spectacular, or even just slightly better than decent, they are a candidate for a Lovin’ Your Leader nomination.

Maybe they managed to engage everyone in a cool way on those weekly online meetings or maybe they finally are the ones who said no more meetings until we need to share something super important. Maybe your boss is managing to keep everyone employed but had to take a pay cut of their own or forego a bonus. Or maybe your boss is just one cool person to whom you’d like to give a “shout out” because you know they need it and would love seeing their name posted.

It’s time to get ‘em on the Lovin’ Your Leader List. (or get those you lead to start making some nominations about all the cool things you are doing!)

Ready to make your first nomination?

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    Want to add an optional shout out to the company?

    Upon receiving nominations from the form above, we’ll post winners on the Contagious Companies Facebook Page where you’ll find the Lovin’ Your Leader certificates. Consider it a way to say thanks without seeming sappy. Consider it a way to send a valentine without sending the wrong message. LOL. Consider this a chance to raise hopes, improve spirits, change moods and heck, spread some love around without being a goober. Gosh knows, we could all use some uplift in this time in our history and who better to lead that effort than a company whose very name includes contagious!

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