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Ready to Make that Difficult Co‐Worker Disappear Once for For All?

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Make Difficult People Disappear

It’s a book! it’s a class! It’s a keynote! AND… it’s a change in the way we look at people. “Deal with difficult people” no more! In fact, book Make Difficult People Disappear starts by helping you identify what others DO that drive you nuts. That list is sometimes long and obvious. It then helps you identify WHO they are and WHY they do what they do, which frankly isn’t always our motivation. But, what nearly all readers get REAL excited about immediately is that this book gives multiple steps, from the simple to the complex, to help you INFLUENCE difficult people and THEN make them disappear… without even having to go to jail or hire an Uncle Guido!

 Featured on CNN, AOL Jobs, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek, this popular workplace fable shares a fascinating process that will change your life and office and the way in which people interact, trust, and operate daily. It will even REDUCE the amount of drama, stress, and conflict and make you laugh in the process. As you read about Cybil (Yes, that lady with ALL the personalities!) and her workplace adventures with employees, co-workers, her boss, and even spouse, you’ll once again feel empowered and engaged in your ability to work with anyone and not let them get to you. With THIS book, you’ll create your own disappearing act at home and at work, which means those feelings of being drained, tired of dealing with others, or being stressed about what they do that it seems they do on purpose … will ALSO disappear in the process. Get your copy now and start reading. You’ll gain value in the first five pages as the purpose of this book is to help you apply what you read and employ what you need to make difficult behaviors and the people who do them go the heck away…quickly!

Make Difficult People Disappear

Action Manual Companion Workbook

The Make Difficult People Disappear Action Manual™ is where you get to specify exactly who and what difficulty you’re dealing with and then truly make it disappear. The ideal companion to the book Make Difficult People Disappear, this 100+ page workbook gives step by step guidance on putting the principles into action specific to you!

Whether your difficult person exists at work or at home, it’s no fun to face them daily. Those negative Neds and Nellies who insist on ruining your day, really can be taught to leave you alone and go away! Rather than just read what to do, learn how to do it and take action with this easily to follow action manual.


Purchase both the Make Difficult People Disappear book and companion Action Manual for extra savings! Save over $21.00 off the retail pricing when you purchase both!

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