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Transforming Managers into Leaders One Audience at a Time


Transforming Managers into Leaders One Audience at a Time


Dealing with managers who are promoted, but not prepared? Results being derailed by difficult people? If so, it’s time your group experienced Monica Wofford, CSP® – Former executive, Leadership Development expert, business coach, and professional speaker.



“Monica’s name is in the dictionary next to EXCELLENT! As a teacher and trainer, myself, I have to say she is truly great. Everyone is engaged and everyone is encouraged. She’s very humorous and very professional and in even the first half hour of her presentation she helped me personally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.”

B. Taylor, Franklin Covey

“What can I say about Monica Wofford….fabulous doesn’t quite cut it. Yes, I’d have to say CONTAGIOUS. Personally, I can honestly say that I’ve never heard a speaker as good as Monica. In watching our conference participants, she grabbed the attention of each person in the audience from the moment she started to speak and nobody wanted it to end. She could speak on how to turn the page of a book and make it exciting. I would recommend Monica to speak to any audience and guarantee they would walk away better people just for being in her presence.”

B. Hollister, International Association of Administrative Professionals

“Fiserv Credit Processing Services selected Monica Wofford as the keynote speaker for our PLUS System User Group Conference. Her selection was based on our experience working with Monica on various presentation initiatives and her reputation as a professional speaker. We were extremely pleased with the result of Monica’s presentation. Her superior communication skills were evident throughout the presentation, which was extremely well received by our client base. In fact, we overheard more than one client discussing asking her to present at their own future events.”

P, Hewitt, Vice President, Fiserv Credit Processing Services

“I had the pleasure of hearing Monica Wofford speak at the last keynote of a long conference. I must admit I had thoughts of “How can THIS session possibly be any different?” after 25 years of corporate rah-rah and positivity sessions. BOY WAS I WRONG!! My initial expectations and desire to duck out early were worlds apart from my take-away value!!! Many keynotes and breakouts provide decent material but fail miserably in showing the attendee how to “actually get from point A to point B”. Monica’s leadership skills and very natural method of communicating her message are powerful and genuine and ignited me in ways I have frankly NEVER felt in decades of attending such conferences. Thank you Monica for being you!”

D. Bonick, MetLife

“Monica is a dynamic, personable and genuine speaker. She connected with her audience very well by telling personal stories and appropriate humor. She addressed many attendees by name and added another element of authenticity by walking through the audience as was speaking and incorporating the personal connection into her talk. Her style is both informative and conversational. She made the closing session of the conference fun and educational. She has incredible energy.”

N. Avery, CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

“Monica is one of the most engaging and articulate speakers I have had the opportunity to work with in a long time. As she covered a considerable amount of information, she was also able to “spin” the material to include the special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. She clearly did her homework and her enthusiasm was truly contagious. When our committee ran final conference assessments, Monica’s presentations were evaluated with the most positive and highest of excellent reviews.”

J. Tusman, ALMAC Clinical Services
Member, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

“Monica’s presentation style got everyone involved and people left her presentation not just excited and inspired, they were armed with fabulous applicable information that they could start utilizing immediately to better serve their patients and build their practices. In her very ‘alive’ style, this professional truly ‘wowed’ the crowd. That’s why we have chosen to have her back to speak with our audience next year. Rarely are professional speakers invited to present at back-to-back events. Monica is one of the few.”

Dr. G. LaMarche, Parker College of Chiropractic

“FANTASTIC!! That’s the only word I need to describe Monica Wofford’s presentation.”

L. Bridges, Tallahassee Society of Association Executives


Years of Experience

Speaking Events

Books Authored

Managers Impacted

Named one of Meeting Planners’ Favorite Business Speakers by Meetings and Conventions Magazine, Monica began her speaking career in 1989 with a keynote to 8600 fellow college students.

Flash forward more than 30 years, and Monica has provided keynote addresses and training through
her firm Contagious Companies, Inc. in 27 countries and all 50 states.

Monica has earned both an MBA and the honor of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) through National Speakers Association (NSA).

A former corporate executive, Monica is known as a leadership development expert who writes, speaks, trains, coaches, and consults on how to become a better leader in life and work. She is the author of six books, including Contagious Leadership and Make Difficult People Disappear, and has written and interviewed for many media outlets.

Over the years, Monica has acted as a trusted advisor to many of today’s largest and most admired companies, including Microsoft, Cabela’s, Estee Lauder, State Farm Insurance, and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. However, she also has a genuine passion for helping smaller organizations create an environment where leaders can develop and thrive.

In each presentation and with each client over the last 30+ years, Monica’s focus has been on leadership and how managers can become better, more authentic, and more effective leaders. Translating her background of both corporate and entrepreneurial management roles, she shares real world examples, relevant applications, and numerous take-aways through her presentations and resources.

Recent Recognition & Awards




Any person or personality can be a leader, but knowing these ten leadership steps will make you more effective. Still, some are promoted into leadership and it just doesn’t fit. Maybe they’re missing skills or maybe their personality isn’t right for that role. In this keynote presentation, leadership development expert and author Monica Wofford, CSP, shares 10 steps to be a better leader and make sure that role fits. These steps and her in session assessment ensure high performance for managers and leaders, and results from the employees they lead.

Whether team members need to develop their communication, delegation, motivation, recognition or engagement skills, this powerful session will improve their leadership skills and more!

Make Difficult People Disappear™ ...How to Reduce Stress and Eliminate Conflict in the Office

We’ve all had that one difficult person that we wish we could make disappear… without going to jail. We may have called them Eeyore or called HR to help us, but what we didn’t want was to DEAL with their difficulty anymore!

Make Difficult People Disappear™ is a fun keynote (that increases your event attendance) because everyone wants to know how, and increases their skills because it helps relationships grow. Make Difficult People Disappear™ shares:

  • How others are different more than difficult
  • How to stop taking anyone else’s behavior personally
  • How to use EQ to assess, address, and modify behavior

With an in-session personality assessment, many entertaining moments, and more than 10 real world tips and activities, this keynote is engaging, entertaining and surprisingly informative and actionable for all audiences.

WHEN EVERYTHING IS CONTAGIOUS™ ...what you DO makes all the difference

During a worldwide outbreak, only one thing has been associated with the word contagious. It’s not been seen as a good thing, and we’ve actually been told to keep our distance from individuals with such a condition. But what if contagious applied to more than we imagine? What if contagious had a meaning that rose above what we caught and instead applied to what we might give or model?

For leaders and influencers we know personally and professionally, being contagious isn’t a condition, but an outcome to which we might consider striving. Gasp! Yes, everything IS contagious.

Are you sending the message, setting the example, or sharing the development you want others to catch? When Everything is Contagious™ is an actively engaging keynote with appeal for those who want the numbers and tasks for those who want immediate action, as well as humor for all of us who see what’s happening in the world. We’ re in new territory of human behavior and what we knew to do has been jostled. Everything is contagious and now under a microscope, but when everything we do, see, say, think, believe, and how we behave rubs off on those we work with, love, and lead … what you do … does in fact, make all the difference.

WHEN LEADING LEAVES THE BUILDING™ ...bringing it back IS the mission

The landscape of leading is changing. How we lead, who we lead, and what they need is also changing. At the same time, employees and bosses are literally leaving the brick-and-mortar building or in some cases, even quitting but remaining in a position. We are at risk of the skills long associated with leadership, since the industrial revolution, also leaving the building. Without a real leader, progress appears absent and unattainable. Enter the value-filled, actionpacked, and engaging keynote When Leading Leaves the Building™

What got us here will no longer get us to the next level and bringing back leadership in a new and improved approach, with methods for addressing the issues of entitlement, diversity, accountability and performance, IS the mission.


The issues have changed for leaders. The way in which your workforce, your work, and the world sees you handling them has also shifted.

If you’re trying hard to handle diversity, discrimination, or gender situations, this is your ideal session and both Nancy and Monica can help. If you’re just not sure how to address employee needs from recognition to discipline, while still doing your job, learning what is needed, what’s new, and what works for you … even if you’re not sure what leading “on target” really is, then this session will make you laugh, see what’s missing and likely provide the nuggets of wisdom you’ve been missing.

With this session, you can lead far more effectively and be on target, which means you won’t inadvertently become one!



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